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Ministry of Manpower Reminds BUMN & BUMD to Employ Persons with Disabilities | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – The government has a commitment to always improve employment protection, including for persons with disabilities who are part of the workforce in Indonesia. Increased protection is carried out considering that the digital era has a fairly large impact on the world of employment.

“When it comes to employment protection for persons with disabilities, the Government of Indonesia is committed to providing inclusive protection to persons with disabilities,” said Director General of Labor Inspection Development and Occupational Safety and Health, Ministry of Manpower, Haiyani Rumondang, in JakartaMonday (12/9).

Director General Haiyani explained that protection for persons with disabilities is in line with the mandate of the Manpower Law Number 13/2003 Articles 5.6 and 67 that the state guarantees equality and non-discriminatory treatment in obtaining employment, and the state requires employers to provide protection to persons with disabilities.

The implementation of this right is commonly referred to as Inclusive Worker which can be interpreted as the concept of employment, which considers aspects of respect for human rights by including and integrating everyone on the basis of equality.

“Equality in the employment aspect ensures that persons with disabilities in the process of recruitment, job placement, job training and career development are carried out fairly and without discrimination,” said Haiyani.

He also mentioned the obligation provisions for employers, including the government, state-owned enterprises (BUMN and BUMD) to employ workers with disabilities at least 2 percent of the total workers. The employers in the private sector are at least 1 percent of the total workers.

He also conveyed the importance of taking objective and balanced steps between workers and employers. One form is that the government imposes administrative sanctions for private and non-private entrepreneurs who do not take sides with persons with disabilities.

On the other hand, he said, the government also gave appreciation in the form of national awards to private and non-private entrepreneurs who have provided decent work opportunities for people with disabilities.

“This award was given from 2015 to 2021 both to local governments, State-Owned Enterprises, and the private sector,” he concluded.

Reporter: Tira Santia

Source: Liputan6.com [azz]

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