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Ministry of Agriculture Ensures Food in Buton Island Region is Safe and Free of FMD | merdeka.com

Ministry of Agriculture Ensures Food in Buton Island Region is Safe and Free of FMD |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – The Ministry of Agriculture through the Inspectorate General (Intjen Kementan) ensures that the basic needs of Buton are safe and under control. In addition, cattle cattle originating from the area are also free from PMK.

Inspector General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Jan Samuel Maringka said, so far the supervision carried out has been running strictly and involving other law enforcement officers (APH), both from the Police, TNI, the Prosecutor’s Office, the BPK and the government’s internal supervisory apparatus (APIP). According to Jan, the collaboration went well and was able to support the strength of national food.

“I have seen strict supervision. So I believe the food in Buton is safe and the livestock are free of PMK (mouth and nail disease),” said Jan when opening the dialogue on food safety at the Palagimata Hall of the Baubau mayor’s office, Friday (15/7).

Jan said the agricultural sector has been proven to be able to survive various global recession abyss. On the other hand, agriculture is growing rapidly even though many countries have been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and other impacts due to the Russo-Ukrainian war.

“But I believe that by synergizing all problems can be resolved properly, then livestock development in the Southeast Sulawesi region must increase,” he said.

Please note, this activity was attended by the Mayor of Baubau City, Head of the Prosecutor’s Office of Baubau City, Regent of Buton, Kejari Buton, Dandim, Head of the Agriculture Service of the entire Buton Regency, Kendari Class II Quarantine Center, and farmer groups in Baubau City, Buton Regency and Bulteng.

Next, Jan had the opportunity to visit a feed factory located in Kampeonaho Village. Based on information, the factory is capable of producing 6,600 tons of corn per 3 months which is processed into animal feed and becomes the center of feed production that is widely used by farmers in Southeast Sulawesi.

“Here I also see the potential for nutmeg plants in Baubau is very large, we can encourage this together so that Baubau nutmeg can be exported,” he said.

Previously, the Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo, encouraged all cities and regencies throughout Indonesia to be able to increase agricultural productivity. This is important considering that Indonesia has successfully maintained its policy of not importing rice for three consecutive years.

“I also invite the community to monitor FMD together,” he said.



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