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Ministry of Agriculture Builds Embung, Agricultural Land in 3 Villages with Water | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – The Ministry of Agriculture maximizes agricultural potential in Bagor District, Nganjuk Regency, East Java. This is done by the Ministry of Agriculture by building reservoirs to help provide water. This reservoir irrigates agricultural land in 3 villages.

Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo said that agricultural land requires water management.

“Availability of water is an important thing that must be available for agriculture. Because it also determines the quality of agricultural products. Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture helps farmers by providing reservoirs. This is part of water management for agriculture,” he said.

The Director General of Agricultural Infrastructure and Facilities (PSP) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ali Jamil, said the existence of the reservoir was very important.

Ministry of Agriculture Builds Embung, Agricultural Land in 3 Villages with Water©2022 Merdeka.com

“The reservoir ensures that water will always be available. Even during the dry season, it must be maintained together so that agricultural output can be maximized,” he said.

Ali added that the reservoir can also be used to support other sector activities besides agriculture.

“Plantations can also be helped, and other sectors. The benefits are extraordinary for the village community. So we hope that the community develops a sense of belonging to maintain the reservoir,” he said.

The pond was built by the Ministry of Agriculture through the Subur Makmur Farmers Group in Paron Village, Bagor District, Nganjuk Regency.

The area that can be irrigated by this reservoir is 53 hectares and is spread over three villages, namely Paron Village, Ngumpul Village, and Karangtengah Village. The water in the reservoir utilizes the Krakasan Water Source.

The positive impact of the construction of this reservoir is an increase in productivity from 6.4 tons/ha to 7 tons/ha. The head of the Human Resources Division of the Nganjuk Regency Agriculture Office, Sukemi, said that the pond can increase the cropping index.

“The cropping index which is usually IP 200 becomes IP 300 for rice plants. And for shallots which are the centers in Paron Village, it can reach IP 400 to IP 500. The impact of this reservoir can be expanded with an adequate network,” he said.



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