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Minister of Religion Says Saudi Minister of Hajj Gives Signal to Increase Quota Next Year | merdeka.com

Minister of Religion Says Saudi Minister of Hajj Gives Signal to Increase Quota Next Year |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – This year will be the first Hajj pilgrimage after two years of being halted due to the pandemic. This adaptation process makes the quota of pilgrims from all countries limited, including Indonesia.

In the previous year, Indonesia received more than two hundred thousand quotas for hajj pilgrims. But this year, only half that is 100,051. With details, 92,825 regular pilgrims and 7,226 special pilgrims.

Minister of Religion Yaqut Cholil Qoumas has not been able to confirm whether the quota for Hajj next year will be increased or not. However, as a result of his meeting with the Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umrah, the quota for Hajj for Indonesia next year will be more than this year.

“The information I got from the Minister of Hajj when I met him a few days ago after Mina. He said God willing, there will be more than this year,” said the Minister of Religion after an evaluation meeting on the implementation of the 2022 Hajj at the Jeddah Hajj Affairs Office (KUH), Saturday. (16/7).

How much, he asked to wait for a decision from the Saudi government. “Not yet, the Saudi government will announce it,” he said.

Not only was he promised an increase in quotas, continued the Minister of Religion, the Saudi Minister of Hajj also said he would provide special quotas for elderly pilgrims. But the original scheme, he also did not know.

“It was also conveyed at the time of the meeting, that there will be a special quota for the elderly. I don’t know what the definition will be, but we’d better wait,” he said.

Even though these promises have been delivered, the Minister of Religion still ensures that they can be realized. Therefore, the two of them communicated intensely.

“But this is intense, every day I am a WA with the minister of hajj to get updates on what it is like,” concluded the Minister of Religion.



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