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Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani: Private Investment in the Green Sector Increases 10 Times

Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani: Private Investment in the Green Sector Increases 10 Times

Suara.com – Minister Finance (Minister of Finance) Sri Mulyani Indrawati emphasized that Indonesia’s G20 Presidency continue to place infrastructure development and financing, especially related to sustainable financing, as a very important issue.

“Since the beginning, infrastructure has become one of the issues that has consistently and continuously been a priority for any country that holds the presidency. G20. However, the journey of all of us to expand is not only infrastructure development. But becoming an infrastructure that can finance sustainable infrastructure and a green transition is still relatively new,” said the Minister of Finance in closing remarks of the G20 Infrastructure Investors Dialogue written on Sunday (17/7/2022).

The Minister of Finance sees that the desire to finance sustainable infrastructure and the green transition is very strong and continues to grow, from which the value of green private investment in 2014 was only USD 8 billion to ten times in 2020 reaching USD 87 billion.

“There is indeed a strong desire in the field of financing related to infrastructure projects that are linked to green or sustainability commitments. This represents half of all private sector investment in infrastructure projects,” said the Minister of Finance.

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Furthermore, the Minister of Finance also saw the desire of many countries to align investment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“The framework that has been discussed so far to increase the impact, scale, affordability and speed of infrastructure development or investment so that countries can design an orderly transition to green infrastructure is very important. Not only smoothbut also fair and affordable,” he said.

There are four pillars to achieve this goal, namely long-term priorities and targets, sustainable data and infrastructure standards, an enabling environment for implementation, and the capacity to invest in innovation.

“We have listened carefully to all perspectives regarding the many critical issues that need to be considered for all of us to continue working and develop sustainable infrastructure.”

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