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Mila Alawiyah’s Sadness to Become Public’s Favorite Beauty Star on TikTok 2022 | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Keep fighting for your dreams and goals in life is something that must be achieved. Because life is not only a matter of happiness alone, but there is also sadness that whacks. No matter how big the obstacles are, the hard work to get through these trials must be continued.

Mila Alawiyah (@milaalawiyah), beauty creator who has a number of followers of 4.4 million on TikTok did not escape the ups and downs of life. But, with hard work that is always done, he gets the results. Mila, never give up on the situation. He continues to struggle to achieve his dreams and ideals with full consistency and hard work in the struggle.

Want to know the journey of life full of ups and downs from Mila Alawiyah? Continue reading below!

Feeling the Lowest Point in Life

Mila Alawiyah comes from a family background with an average economic level. He was not born into an affluent family. In his life, there may be more sorrow than joy.

One of the phases in which he felt the difficulty of life was when he could not afford to pay tuition. Yes, at that time, Mila was not as famous as she is now, she was just a student who had dreams and aspirations of becoming a successful person.

Because of his strong determination to get out of that uncomfortable zone, he started doing odd jobs to support his daily life, and most importantly to pay for his tuition. With the existing conditions, Mila’s spirit did not slacken, in fact it multiplied.

Son of a Meatball Trader

Mila’s parents are meatball traders in Bogor. Not too big, just small. But, we all agree, that the struggle of parents for a child is very big. Parents are willing to do anything for the future of their children.

Likewise with Mila’s parents. Yes, at that time, his father only had one motorcycle. Hearing that Mila could not pay the tuition fees, her father willingly and lovingly towards his son, pawned his motorbike. With the money from the motorcycle pawn, it is used to pay for Mila’s college.

How parents sacrifice for their children, for the success of the child in the future, is illustrated by how Mila’s father fought for him. Inspirational, one word that radiates.

Chosen as Mojang Jajaka Bogor

Life must turn. Difficulties will be missed, ease will be obtained. When is the time? The struggle in life will answer. One example that we can see is in the life of Mila Alawiyah.

Mila, who had experienced the lowest point in her life, did not want to give up on the situation. By all means, he is looking for a way to get out of the shackles of adversity. 2017 was the year that paved the way for him to gain popularity and opened the door to his fortune.

In that year, he was named the Mojang Jajaka Bogor. After getting that status, little by little, Mila’s way of life changed. Sorrows in his life began to decrease, and joy in life also increased.

Makeup Content Focus on TikTok

After being elected as Mojang Jajaka Bogor, Mila’s popularity gradually expanded. And a year later, he ventured into the world of social media. There, he creates a variety of content that can entertain netizens in Indonesia.

And in 2021, Mila will focus on creating makeup content on TikTok. His life changed drastically. On TikTok, the content he created managed to get tremendous attention from netizens. Several times, the content he created became FYP on TikTok.

What we don’t know is that the process he goes through is not entirely happy. When she first started creating content on TikTok, she bought equipment to create content and learned to make up on her own. In addition, Mila began to entertain netizens on TikTok with a talent that could be considered mediocre.

However, there is no word giving up in Mila’s life dictionary. she is looking for a way how to make her own makeup. Failure also became his close friend in going through the process. Counting hundreds of times, the makeup she tried on her face, ended in failure. However, Mila never gave up and continued to be confident to ‘content’.

From a strong desire and never giving up, the door of sustenance for Mila was wide open. One thing that can be seen from Mila is that she is very consistent in achieving her dreams and creating makeup content on TikTok. With this consistency, until now, he has managed to change his life.

Now, he can buy his first car, build a 2nd Bakso Mojang branch shop, buy several plots of land, take his family for walks whenever he wants, and make his parents proud by sending them to the Holy Land to perform Hajj.

In the end, Mila’s journey of life has been filled with ups and downs. But thanks to his focus, consistency, and hard work, he reaped success. In particular, thanks to TikTok as a platform for creativity, his life is the opposite of what it was 6 years ago.

In fact, this year, Mila Alawiyah managed to become a winner in a national beauty competition and was named the Public’s Favorite Beauty Star on TikTok 2022! Cool isn’t it? Well, for all of you, the lesson that can be learned from Mila is that the ups and downs of the life you live, will definitely pay off if you keep working hard!



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