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metaNesia Presents Metaverse Experience at Fruit Tea World Festival 2022 | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – MetaNesia, the metaverse world of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom), presents a new experience for visitors to the recent 2022 Fruit Tea World Festival.

MetaNesia’s presence at the event created by PT Sinar Sosro embodies digital concepts including music, dance, art, fashion, and games from Fruit Tea, which accommodates the creativity of the younger generation.

Anton Pramono SM Emerging Technology Platform Telkom explained, MetaNesia has a target market similar to Fruit Tea, namely Generation Z and Generation Alfa, as young people who are literate with the latest technology.

Not only introducing its metaverse world, through this activity, MetaNesia also confirmed its position that it is ready to collaborate with all parties from the private sector, BUMN, and MSMEs.

At the festival, he continued, metaNesia created a virtual experience segment for Fruit Tea, through several interesting activities, such as treasure hunts, selfies, and virtual concerts with Naura Ayu and The Changcuters.

“In this event, metaNesia presents gamification to look for letter symbols that must be selfied to form certain words. There is also interaction between users through chat and voice chat. Interestingly, there is also a metaverse concert from Naura Ayu and The Changcuters,” said Anton, in a release, yesterday (15/9).

At the Fruit Tea World Festival 2022, metaNesia also combines digital assets such as motion capture through one of metaNesia’s MOCAP tools, development of avatar models and animation in concerts.

“We also present an application in the form of a scene, which is automatically downloaded and integrated with the metaNesia avatar including its complementary features, and sends it via a service platform in the cloud for multiplayer support download,” added Anton.

Norma Sari Dewi, GM Marketing of PT Sinar Sosro, added that the excitement of this event can be re-watched on the Fruitteasosroid YouTube channel.

“The fun thing is, Fruit Tea World Festival can also be enjoyed on the metaverse platform. By downloading the metaNesia application, Fruitizen participates in the Experience Fruit Tea World Festival by creating an avatar while watching artist concerts in the digital world,” said Norma.

Anton hopes that metaNesia can be a fun event for Fruitizens who attend or not at the peak of the Fruit Tea World Festival, with the best experiences.

“metaNesia is a picture of the metaverse world that can be enjoyed by the public, because apart from being accessible via VR (virtual reality), it can also be accessed via mobile and desktop devices,” said Anton.

metaNesia is part of Leap-Telkom Digital as the umbrella brand for Telkom’s digital products and services. With Leap, it is hoped that it can support the growth of the digital ecosystem in Indonesia in order to accelerate national digital sovereignty. For more information, you can access https://metanesia.id/ and https://leap.digitalbisa.id/.



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