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Members of Commission II Support Police to Crush Land Mafia

Members of Commission II Support Police to Crush Land Mafia

Suara.com – Member of Commission II DPR RI Guspardi Gaus support the steps of the Police to dismantle the case land mafia suspected of involving individuals in the National Land Agency.

According to him, a firm and bolder step is needed in crushing the land mafia and overcoming land issues or changing games.

“The arrests of four BPN officials in Jakarta and Bekasi can be used as drums for war against the land mafia,” said Guspardi in his statement in Jakarta, Monday.

He said the issue of the land mafia has caused anxiety and has always involved many parties, including elements at the National Land Agency, investors and individuals in several state institutions/institutions to village/kelurahan officials and other related parties.

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According to him, the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency (Ministry of ATR/BPN) which is a working partner of Commission II of the DPR RI is indeed actively implementing the Complete Systematic Land Registration program.

“We also urge the public to take care of the registration of land certificates themselves and not to use middlemen and there is no need to bribe,” he said.

Guspardi assessed that people who take care of land certificates through PTSL do not need to spend money, ranging from socialization, measurement, to the issuance of land certificates because it has been borne by the state budget.

However, according to him, pre-PTSL does give the village government the authority to prepare, it may charge fees to the community.

“This decision is the result of a Joint Decree (SKB) of 3 Ministers, namely the Minister of ATR/BPN, the Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri), and the Minister of Villages for Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration (Mendes PDTT). in Papua around Rp. 450,000,” he said.

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According to him, these costs are used by the village government for three types of activities, namely document preparation activities, procurement of stakes and stamps, and village/kelurahan officials’ operations.

Because of that, he considered that the disclosure of the land mafia cases in Jakarta and Bekasi, became a momentum for law enforcement to beat the “drums of war” to the land mafia as a priority.

“Make the moment of the arrest of these four BPN officials a whip and a commitment by law enforcement officers to beat the ‘war drum’ to the land mafia. Anyone involved and the backers behind must be crushed and brought to court to provide a deterrent effect,” he said.

In addition, according to him, the Ministry of ATR/BPN must fire BPN officials who are involved in land mafia practices and also carry out a massive “cleanup” into the BPN institution to eliminate elements involved in land mafia syndicates.

Previously, Polda Metro Jaya arrested four officials of the National Land Agency (BPN) for allegedly being involved in land mafia cases in Jakarta and Bekasi.

Director of the Metro Jaya Police General Criminal Investigation, Kombes Pol. Hengki Haryadi said the four BPN officials were from the Jakarta and Bekasi regional offices.

“For now there are four ASN (state civil apparatus) BPN officials in the Jakarta and Bekasi areas who we have arrested and named as suspects,” said Hengki.

Hengki added that the four BPN officials were arrested by officers in several areas, one of which was the suspect PS as the Head of PTSL Adjudication at the South Jakarta BPN who was arrested in Depok on Tuesday (12/7) night.

The suspects were charged with Article 167 of the Criminal Code regarding entering the yard without a permit and/or Article 263 of the Criminal Code regarding document falsification and/or Article 266 of the Criminal Code regarding misuse of documents or deeds in conjunction with Article 55 of the Criminal Code regarding participating in committing crimes. [Antara]


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