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Melly Goeslaw Undergoes Bariatric Surgery to Get the Ideal Body | Dream.co.id

Melly Goeslaw Undergoes Bariatric Surgery to Get the Ideal Body |  Dream.co.id

The operation was supported by her husband.

Dream – Recently, Melly Goeslaw seems to have started exercising regularly and living a healthy lifestyle. In fact, he is trying to achieve the ideal weight.

In addition to living a healthy lifestyle, the film ‘Milly & Mamet’ performs bariatric surgery. Reported from AlodokterThis operation is usually performed by people who are obese or have difficulty losing weight.

The operation is aimed at limiting the volume of the stomach. So, the amount of food that comes in is also limited. The absorption of nutrients in the small intestine will also decrease after undergoing the operation.

In the video that Melly uploaded on her Instagram account, it appears that she is in the treatment room with the doctor and her husband, Anto Hoed. Before the operation, the husband hugged the 48-year-old singer.

© Instagram @melly_goeslaw

Photo: Instagram @melly_goeslaw

Although surgery is usually considered a scary thing, Melly is actually happy and can’t wait to show the results. The uploaded video was also flooded by the prayers of relatives and netizens for the smooth operation of the operation.

“Teteh dear, always healthy,” said Zaskia Sungkar.

“Smooth yaaaaaaa miiii,” commented Yuni Shara.

“Bismillah smooth and fast recovery,” said Iis Dahlia.

“Cheer up, I hope everything goes well, Amen,” wrote Erica Carlina. (mut)

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Ramadan, Melly Goeslaw’s weight is even unstable

Dream – Melly Goeslaw some time ago managed to lose weight drastically. Now, he reveals that during Ramadan, his weight is even unstable, up and down. He admits that he can be thin and then rise again because his eyes are often dark when breaking his fast.

“Because you’re fasting, you’re shrinking up and down a bit, you don’t have to talk about your weight,” said Melly Goeslaw, quoted by Dream from YouTube Indosiar, Wednesday, April 20, 2022.

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Melly Goeslaw© Melly Goeslaw

Not wanting to worry about weight, Melly chose to undergo fasting this year even better. This Ramadan, the Hanging singer admitted that he wanted to complete the Koran.

“Usually we just finished,” said Melly Goeslaw.

Source: youtube.com

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Melly Goeslaw’s hilarious comment on Mayangsari’s IG: ‘Finally Mayang and Fuji get along’

Dream – Fuji and Fadly, the younger brother of Febri Andriansyah, had the opportunity to meet a number of artists while enjoying their holiday in Bali. Some of the celebrities who had the opportunity to take pictures with Fuji were senior singers, Melly Goeslaw and Mayang Sari.

A portrait of their meeting can also be seen in Melly Goeslaw’s Instagram post.

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Known as a singer who likes to joke, Melly wrote hilarious photo captions as if she was following Fuji’s style of speech.

” Melly is really beautiful, her son is Melky Goeslaw ” (read with a fuji accent) Tuesday night with @mayangsari_official,” wrote Melly Goeslaw.

The meeting of Fuji and these two senior celebrities does not appear to be just a passing glance. The reason is that Fuji, Mayang and Melly were seen spending time together at a restaurant.

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fuji© instagram

Not only Melly who uploaded a photo when asked to take a portrait with Fuji. Mayangsari also did the same.

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“Mayang met Fuji Fadly and Melly,” wrote Mayangsari.

Seeing the upload, Melly again made a funny comment on Mayangsari’s Instagram column.

“Well, finally Mayang and Fuji got along,” said Melly.

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Netizen Comments

Meanwhile, other netizens saw that Vanessa Angel’s sister-in-law’s social style had entered the artist circle.

“Mashallah surrounded by sultans, cool,” said the srinovilta account.

“God is good.. Good children are always surrounded by good people,” said the Ayukhamall account.

“It’s amazing that good people are surrounded by good people, busy busying themselves with good people, stay healthy, the pride of the nitizien,” said the waroengseblaktehithaw account.


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