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Many Men ‘Kemayu’ at Citayam Fashion Week, this is the reaction of the Social Service Office of Central Jakarta | merdeka.com

Many Men ‘Kemayu’ at Citayam Fashion Week, this is the reaction of the Social Service Office of Central Jakarta |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – The DKI Provincial Government has begun to tighten the crowds in the Dukuh Atas area, Sudirman, Jakarta Center. Head of the Central Jakarta Social Service, Abdul Salam, said that this step was the result of the presence of a number of kemayu-looking men at the Citayam Fashion Week event in Upper Hamlet.

Abdul said the men were members of the group with social welfare problems (PMKS).

“They will be put into the Kedoya orphanage, they will be assessed later, they will be referred to orphanages that are in accordance with the type of PMKS,” ​​Abdul said, quoted on Monday (25/7).

However, for enforcement in the Dukuh Atas area, Abdul ensured that the activity was coordinated with the Satpol PP.

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In addition, the Social Service Sub-Department has also deployed its members to guard the Dukuh Atas area, as a form of support for Satpol PP for controlling the area.

“Until now, we have also deployed standby officers both at the Kendal tunnel and at the SCBD (Sudirman Citayam Bojonggede Depok),” he said.

Previously, on Saturday (23/7) Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta, Ahmad Riza Patria, said that activities at the location were in accordance with applicable norms, and did not cause homosexual tendencies.

“Let’s take care of our children, don’t let it happen later, just because they are participating in a fashion show, it’s just that later the men will want to be like the women,” said Riza.

“Yes, don’t let there be LGBT, the main thing is we do good education,” he added.

The feminine-looking men appeared in a crowd called Citayam fashion week on Saturday (23/7) night in the Dukuh Atas area. Hundreds of people in their own costumes thronged the area that was once associated as a hangout for the elite.

They wear long wigs, wear dresses, make up faces, and wear accessories that are commonly worn by women.

The sea of ​​human cornucopias doesn’t just impact crowds. The DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency even carried out a valve pull operation (OCP) on vehicles parked along the sidewalks of Jalan Sudirman.

Instagram account @line5 uploaded a video of a long traffic jam due to the crowds in Dukuh Atas.

“The viral effect of Citayam Fashion Week caused severe traffic jams this afternoon (23/7) along Jalan Sudirman to Jalan Tanjung Karang (where the impromptu fashion show was held) from Semanggi to the front of Plaza UOB Tosari. This is because a number of curious visitors brought cars and motorbikes plus cars belonging to artists and influencers parked in the middle of the street.”



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