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Makeup Tricks to Disguise Double Chin on Your Face, Make Selfie Style Free! | Dream.co.id

Makeup Tricks to Disguise Double Chin on Your Face, Make Selfie Style Free!  |  Dream.co.id

Make the face more proportional by doing the right tricks.

Dream – Chubby or chubby cheeks are not the only facial features that are considered annoying when taking selfies. Double chin under the chin also often makes women less confident.

Double chin and chubby cheeks give the impression of a fat body. However, this assumption is not entirely correct. Chubby face and double chin are not only owned by people with above average weight.

Luckily, it’s now easy to make your face thinner and get rid of the double chin. You only need to use the contour under the cheekbones and chin.

But, you have to make sure the technique is right in order to make the results more natural. One technique that can be applied when applying contours to the double chin area is shared by Beauty Content Creator, Astari Budi.

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© Instagram @astaririri

Photo: Instagram @astaririri

The technique is quite easy. You just need to highlight the double chin and blend the contours in the crease of the chin. After that, the face will look thinner and the double chin looks more vague.

Tricks Using Contours© Instagram @astaririri

Photo: Instagram @astaririri

Don’t forget to flatten it with a brush so that the lines are not too stiff and look less natural. If necessary, blend the contours around the jawbone to emphasize the lower part of the face to make it thinner.

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4 MUA Secret Tricks to Make Artist Faces Brighter Naturally

Dream – Each Makeup Artist (MUA) has their own tricks to make their clients’ faces look perfect. The tricks used are often unique and unthinkable. That’s why MUA’s makeup results are different.

Likewise, when applying makeup to artists who appear on the small screen. They also have certain tricks so that the artist’s appearance matches the character that must be formed.

The natural makeup tricks that are rarely revealed on social media were revealed by MUA with a TikTok account @yosep.muach. Here are makeup tricks to make your natural face more attractive.

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1. Emphasize Some Facial Features

Drawing Moles© TikTok @yosep.muach

Makeup products can cover certain facial features, such as moles. As a result, the face that is made up does not look natural. Therefore, try to highlight facial features such as moles to maintain a natural appearance.

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2. Wear Blush on the Nose and Ears

Wearing Blush on the Ear© TikTok @yosep.muach

Usually, blush is used only around the cheekbones to near the temples. However, some people use it in other areas, such as the tip of the nose and ears to give the impression of a face that is fresher, brighter, younger, and sweeter.

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3. Curl Lashes Several Times

Wearing Mascara© TikTok @yosep.muach

To make your lashes curly and long lasting, you need to curl them 2-3 times. Bring the curler closer to the root of the lashes. Then, bend the curler upwards so that the shape of the eyelashes is more curled. Next, apply mascara on the upper and lower lashes as needed to make them look natural.

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4. Comb the Eyebrows According to the Direction of Hair Growth

Trim Eyebrows© TikTok @yosep.muach

Pay attention to the roots and the direction of the growth of eyebrow hair when you want to tidy it up. Follow the edge of the root tip of the eyebrow when you want to define the shape using a brow pencil or pomade. After that, define the eyebrow hair using brow mascara by combing it in the direction that suits its growth.


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