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Make the Under Eye Area Brighter and Wrinkle Free | Dream.co.id

Make the Under Eye Area Brighter and Wrinkle Free |  Dream.co.id

This is a makeup artist’s trick to make the eye area smoother.

Dream – Disguising panda eyes needs to be done with the right technique so that it looks natural and beautiful flawless. This cannot only be done by applying concealers.

You have to combine several makeup products to brighten the under eye area. Quoted from the latest upload of Makeup Artist (MUA) with the account Instagram @yosep.muach, application color corrector Orange color is the first step to disguise panda eyes.

Use it with your finger in the darkest under-eye area. Make sure not to use too much so that the orange color is easily disguised with concealer.

© Instagram @yosep.muach

Photo: Instagram @yosep.muach

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After color corrector evenly and absorbs perfectly, apply concealer according to skin tone. Then, reapply with your ring finger.

Using Concealer© Instagram @yosep.muach

Photo: Instagram @yosep.muach

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Using Powder© Instagram @yosep.muach

Photo: Instagram @yosep.muach

If the under-eye area starts to wrinkle, use a little powder to cover it up. Pull a little under the eye area downwards, then apply a little powder by patting gently so that the face looks smoother, fresher, and brighter.


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