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Maell Lee Called Fiance On Ex-Wife’s Birthday, The Concept Of The Proposed Dress Is The Same

Maell Lee Called Fiance On Ex-Wife’s Birthday, The Concept Of The Proposed Dress Is The Same

Suara.com – Maell Lee officially engaged to a girl named Anggita Oktaviani on Saturday (23/7/2022). Apparently, Maell Lee’s fiancé is a 22-year-old former female Persija club player.

Maell Lee’s engagement was also commented on by his ex-wife, Intan Ratna Juwita. Although not directly, Intan seemed to confirm that Maell Lee was engaged on her birthday.

In addition, Maell Lee made his ex-wife colleagues wonder because the concept of the proposal dress with Anggita Oktaviani was the same as her previous engagement. Even so, Intan Ratna Juwita admitted that she had no problem with all these ‘coincidences’.

“How do you feel, if your ex-husband is engaged on your birthday? And the concept of clothes, the colors of all kinds of cakes, you were engaged before you got married? That’s crazy. Do you really have a cake like this @maell_lee @intanratnajuwitaa,” wrote the account @cristianekstranada .

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“It’s okay, I’m happy, always happy,” replied Intan Ratna Juwita, who was shared via Instagram Story.

Maell Lee and Intan Ratna Juwita officially divorced on October 18, 2021. Their real marriage only lasted 8 months with the admission that Intan Ratna Juwita experienced Domestic Violence (KDRT).

Instead of getting support, Intan Ratna Juwita was asked to move on when her Instagram Story upload was shared by the @admin_igtainment account on Monday (25/7/2022). But there are also those who think that Maell Lee has not actually moved on.

“It’s an ex, sis… Just let it go. The world doesn’t play on you, tok,” wrote the account @tetehnyakia.

“Shake your hair, * it turns out that he failed to move on, he still remembers everything about you even though he’s with others, you’re special aaaaaaaaah,” commented the @ittasaja account.

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