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Lyodra Ginting Confesses Ever Sent by Cockroaches by Fans | Dream.co.id

Lyodra Ginting Confesses Ever Sent by Cockroaches by Fans |  Dream.co.id

He did not think that he got a cockroach shipment. This made him very surprised.

Dream – As a singer, Lyodra Ginting certainly has fans. Not only fun, there are times when the attitude of fans scares him.

He revealed the unpleasant experience of his fans. Because the singer of the song “Last Message” was sent a package containing a cockroach.

The confession of this Indonesian Idol dropout was revealed on YouTube content belonging to singer Anneth Delliecia.

© Lydora Ginting and Anneth Delliecia

Photo: YouTube Anneth Delliecia

“Do you know that my fans sent a package. What do you know about the package? Cockroaches and their food,” said Lyodra Ginting quoted by Dream, Monday, July 25, 2022.

“That’s so funny. Wow, really,” he added.

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In addition to this experience, Lydora often gets blasphemy from netizens on her Instagram account. Lydora also often gets strange comments from netizens.

“Some say that when you sing, you shouldn’t use your crook like that. That’s what people want to comment on but you don’t know how to sing, what’s the basics. Many are rich like that. There are also those who have said that I’m arrogant, be careful, go to heaven,” said Lydora.

Lydora Ginting© Lydora Ginting

Photo: @lyodraofficial

“If I again not in the mood Reading like that adds emotion. There is also a rich comment that makes me laugh. But if the language is polite, seriously, give my opinion, I will also listen, but don’t take it to heart,” he said.

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Lydora’s confession was immediately crowded with netizens’ comments after the gossip account was uploaded @pembasmi.kehaluan.reall.

According to them, Lydora’s happy expression was actually annoyed because she got a cockroach package from her fans.

Lydora Ginting© Lydora Ginting

Photo: @lyodraofficial

“It’s a fan or a horror,” wrote the account @puputnasution89.

“That’s a really annoyed expression, guys,” said the @desisitohang account.

“Oh my God, I was surprised. I just found 1 cockroach, I just had to look for it to get it,” wrote the account @citra.andriyani09.

“What kind of cockroach is the cockroach when it’s in love,” wrote the @idare88 account.


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