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Luna Hijab Releases The Wonderland Scarf Collection

Luna Hijab Releases The Wonderland Scarf Collection

A Muslim fashion label from Kudus, Central Java, Luna Hijab released a new collection that depicts the beauty of diversity. Titled The Wonderland or Wonderland, the scarf collection has several different motifs, namely Meylin which depicts a Chinese princess with Indonesian diversity, Constellation which is a constellation, Snowflake which is a snowflake, Butterfly, and the Gods which represents the beauty of Indonesian exoticism.

“As the story is so beautiful, wonderland series carried out in the White Crater area of ​​Ciwidey, Bandung, its cool area, green expanse, and beautiful natural charm are an attraction for anyone. We hope Wonderland series This can bring Luna to be known more widely, and trusted by the Indonesian people as a brand quality Muslim fashion,” said Luna, Founder and CEO of Luna Hijab in a press release received by Media Indonesia, Monday (25/7).

Founded in 2007 in Kudus, Luna Hijab now has a shop offline in Kudus, Semarang, Jakarta and Bandung. Operating with more than 400 employees, this label managed to achieve sales of an average of 2,000 product variants per month.

In the midst of the pandemic, Luna HIjab was able to survive by strengthening online sales and issuing products tailored to the needs of the new normal, namely instant headscarves (bergo), robes and masks. (M-1)


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