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Loved by All Ages, This Delicious Chocolate Bonbons Auto Makes Happy | Dream.co.id

Loved by All Ages, This Delicious Chocolate Bonbons Auto Makes Happy |  Dream.co.id

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Among the many foods that almost all ages love for its delicacy is chocolate. Especially if this chocolate is unusual, because it comes with other flavor combinations, of course it’s getting harder not to be tempted to eat it.

What’s more, chocolate is also touted as one of the foods that can invite a sense of happiness. That’s why when stressed, it’s better to just eat chocolate. To make the sensation even more special, enjoy the delicious chocolate bonbons made by Kaybee by Karan Bajaj Jakarta. Like what?

Beautiful Shape Like The Universe

Without exaggerating, in fact the chocolate bonbons presented by Kaybee by Karan Bajaj Jakarta have an extraordinarily beautiful shape. The appearance is not just a plain brown circle, but there is a motive.

Well, the motive is similar to the planets in the universe. Some are blue like planet earth, red like mars, and so on. What is clear, the pattern is so attractive and colorful, that it’s a shame to eat it.

There are different flavors in it

© Sweet and Delicious/Kaybee by Karan Bajaj Jakarta

Interestingly, when eaten each of these chocolate bonbons presents a different taste. These various flavors can not be guessed in it, so it really makes a surprise for anyone who eats it.

With the features found in this one food, chocolate bonbons will also give a happy sensation of its own. Both from seeing the beautiful appearance, to the surprise of various delicious flavors when enjoying it.

Comes with Luxury Packaging

As a premium dish, Kaybee by Karan Bajaj Jakarta presents these chocolate bonbons in a very luxurious container or packaging. Inside the packaging there is even a special insulation, so these chocolate bonbons don’t mix with each other.

Thanks to this attractive packaging, the chocolate bonbons made by Kaybee by Karan Bajaj Jakarta are also suitable as gifts or hampers to be sent to loved ones. In one package, which is priced at Rp. 170,000, contains nine chocolate bonbons.

The price is commensurate with the taste offered. To make sure the stock doesn’t run out, make sure to pre-order first. Do it easily through ManisdanSedap.com.

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