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Losing tens of millions of bets, Tasikmalaya residents admit their money was stolen | merdeka.com

Losing tens of millions of bets, Tasikmalaya residents admit their money was stolen |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – AW (34), a resident of Tasikmalaya Regency admitted that he was robbed and lost tens of millions of money rupiah while driving in the Sukaratu District area. After police conducted an investigation, it turns out that the burglary never happened.

Head of the Tasikmalaya City Police Criminal Investigation Unit, AKP Agung Tri Poerbowo said that AW admitted to being robbed on Tuesday (19/7). The next day, Wednesday (20/7) AW then made a report to the parties police.

“He admitted that he was robbed by three people while riding a motorcycle and was searched by three people. As a result of the incident, he admitted that he lost Rp32.9 million because the perpetrators took him,” said Agung.

After receiving the report, Agung disclosed, the police immediately checked the location of the crime scene (TKP). The inspection and processing of the crime scene was led directly by the Tasikmalaya City Police Chief.

When the crime scene was processed, Agung admitted, his party got a number of confusions from a number of information provided by the complainant. Finally, his party then re-confirmed the AW.

“When it was confirmed again, it turned out that this AW admitted that the burglary never happened. He made a false report out of fear because the money he was holding was used up for gambling. It is known that the Rp32.9 million was sent by his wife to pay the debt,” he said.

After the revelation of the false report, he admitted that his party immediately checked AW. He said that his party would process the false report made by AW.

“This is a lesson for the public not to make false reports. Don’t make it up,” concluded Agung.

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