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Looking for a Sensation, ASN Couple in Central Java Recording a Mesum in a Car | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – The Semarang Polrestabes secured a pair of ASN within the Central Java Provincial Government who were caught in the act of immorality in a car in the Marina area, Semarang City.

“Both of them are co-workers,” said the Head of the Semarang Polrestabes Kombes Pol. Irwan Anwar in Semarang, Tuesday (13/9).

The two lovers who are not yet married are GC (32) and AR (26).

Both admitted to committing the immoral act on the grounds of consensual.

In fact, according to Irwan, both of them recorded every action using cell phones.

According to the suspect’s confession, the act of recording the lewd act was done as a form of sensation seeking.

The two perpetrators admitted that they had been in a relationship for about two months even though the suspect AR was married and had a child.

For their actions, the two suspects were charged with Article 281 of the Criminal Code concerning immoral crimes.



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