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Look Flawless like Hailey Bieber with a Simple Tutorial | Dream.co.id

Look Flawless like Hailey Bieber with a Simple Tutorial |  Dream.co.id

Here’s how to get natural and flawless makeup like an international model.

Dream – Not only has a perfect body shape, Hailey Bieber also often appears with a face flawless. Justin Bieber’s wife, often appears with no-makeup makeup.

Her perfect face shape looks even more attractive with minimal makeup. That’s why her makeup style is quite easy to imitate.

Not a little content creator who imitates and creates tutorials inspired by Hailey’s makeup style. One of them is TikToker Beauty with more than 25 thousand followers, @reginayoshida_.

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He made a makeup tutorial for Justin Bieber’s wife when using natural makeup and dominated by pastel colors. Here’s a tutorial to make your face look flawless like a former Victoria’s Secret model.

First of all, use skincare first. Make sure your face has used enough moisturizer to make the makeup stick. You don’t need to use too much moisturizer so your face doesn’t feel sticky.

If your skin is dry, use face oil to make it easier to apply makeup and keep makeup from fading. Moreover, when using a base foundation with a matte finish.

Then, use a base makeup that has a light formula and high enough coverage so that the skin tone is even without feeling too heavy when using it.

Makeup Tutorials© TikTok @reginayoshida_

Photo: TikTok @reginayoshida_

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Eyebrow Makeup

Makeup Tutorials© TikTok @reginayoshida_

Photo: TikTok @reginayoshida_

Next, trim the eyebrows by making a style bushy brows. Use spoolie and comb the eyebrows upwards. Then, trim it by combing it in the appropriate direction for eyebrow hair growth.

After that, define the edges of the eyebrows with brow pomade or pencil. Just apply at the tip. Then, blend the rest of the color with a spoolie to the front eyebrows.

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Using Natural Colors

Makeup Tutorials© TikTok @reginayoshida_

Photo: TikTok @reginayoshida_

On the lids, blend the light brown eyeshadow using a fluffy brush. Add a little shimmer eyeshadow or light colored highlights in the inner corner. Then, curl your lashes and apply a light mascara.

Makeup Tutorials© TikTok @reginayoshida_

Photo: TikTok @reginayoshida_

Apply pink or peach blush with a brush. Then, apply orange lipstick. If you want your face to look more glowing, add a few highlights around your cheekbones, chin, nose, and forehead.

After that, spray setting spray to create natural makeup and really blend. Your appearance will be even more similar to the 25-year-old model when using natural and flawless makeup.


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