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Kubu Bechi Protests Key Witness Not Present at Court | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – The stronghold of Moch Subechi Azal Tsani (MSAT) alias Mas Bechi protested the prosecutors and judges who he considered refused to present a key witness in the indictment. This witness is said to be the person who knows the motive related to the case that ensnared Mas Bechi.

This protest was conveyed by the Head of the MSAT Lawyers Team, Gede Pasek Suardika or familiarly called GPS. He stated that from the beginning his party had asked the prosecutors and judges to present one witness in the indictment. This one witness, he said, knew exactly about the alleged fabrication of the case that ensnared his client.

“We were disappointed from the start, the witness who was behind all of these cases to reveal the motive had been called by the prosecutor, but he did not want to attend for three reasons. There was a family relationship, illness and because he also made a report. police 2021 which has nothing to do with this case,” said Gede Pasek, SurabayaThursday (22/9).

GPS explained why he was protesting the prosecutor’s policy of not wanting to present the key witness, because the witness was considered to be able to reveal the motive for the alleged molestation case of MSAT, which was called a fabrication.

“We want to reveal the motive, because this witness is in the Minutes of Investigation (BAP). The judge and the prosecutor agreed not to present him,” he added.

The objection to the absence of a witness for the Public Prosecutor, he added, had been submitted verbally today. Furthermore, GPS ensures that it will file a written objection.

“That this trial does not focus on finding material truths but there have been attempts to cover up certain individuals so that their motives are not revealed. Because the judge and the prosecutor both do not want to present the witness even though it is in the BAP,” he said.

Apart from that problem, the testimonies of four people who were presented at this trial, it was revealed that there was something wrong with the witness issue this time.

“What is interesting is that the testimony was added. Before testifying, he (one of the witnesses) was approached by another witness to side with him (the victim) and guaranteed that he would be protected by LPSK. mentioned and the story can arrange with the Kejari (Jombang) not to call witnesses even though they are in the indictment. The fact is that this witness does not want to be called by the prosecutor even though he is in the indictment,” explained GPS.

GPS feels, there is a structural engineering in that. Even so, Gede stated that his party was quite benefited because there were witnesses who also said the victim had had sex with other people.

“The witness said (witness), there is authentic evidence, seen by the judge, the prosecutor, and us (legal counsel), there is also a confession from those who were invited to contact and good friends of the victim as well. We are based on the testimony, the four witnesses had leveled everything the prosecution’s indictment,” he said.

Confirmed separately, Tengku Firdaus, the head of the Jombang District Attorney’s Office, confirmed the absence of one witness in the indictment. He said that his party had made a summons, but the witness refused and resigned.

“We have called the person concerned but he said that he is not willing to attend because the first one is related by blood, the second cannot attend because of health reasons. The basis is Article 168 of the Criminal Procedure Code,” he said.



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