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Komnas HAM Examined Regarding the Death of Brigadier J, 7 Aide Ferdy Sambo Silenced to the Media

Komnas HAM Examined Regarding the Death of Brigadier J, 7 Aide Ferdy Sambo Silenced to the Media

Suara.com – National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) re-schedule the examination related to the investigation of the death case Brigadier J alias Nofryansah Yosua Hutabarat, today. The parties who were asked for information this time were aides to the non-active Head of the Propam Police Division, Inspector General Ferdy.

Regarding the examination agenda, as many as 7 Adjunct Inspector General Ferdy Sambo has fulfilled the call of Komnas HAM. However, when they arrived at Komnas HAM at around 09.45 WIB, the members of the National Police did not want to speak or kept silent to the media crew who were already waiting for them outside the building.

Of the seven assistants of the Inspector General Ferdy Samboit is not known for certain whether Bharada E, the alleged perpetrator of the shooting of Brigadier J, participated in fulfilling the summons of Komnas HAM.

Monitoring Suara.com, the seven aides of Ferdy Sambo came at the same time. Initially only two people, then followed by five others.

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Adjutant Inspector General Ferdy Sambo

After examining the Police Forensic Team in charge of autopsying Brigadier J’s body, Komnas HAM also scheduled an examination of all aides to Inspector General Ferdy Sambo. The people scheduled for questioning include Bharada E, who is suspected of having killed Brigadier J during a shootout at Ferdy Sambo’s residence some time ago.

The agenda for the examination of Ferdy Sambo’s aides was revealed by the Commissioner of the National Human Rights Commission, Choirul Anam.

“Tomorrow’s agenda is to call for information from the ADC from Inspector General Sambo, (including Brada E),” Anam said when met by reporters at the Komnas HAM Office, Menteng, Central Jakarta on Monday (25/7/2022) yesterday.

Anam also revealed the results of the examination of the Polri forensic team in charge of conducting an autopsy on Brigadier J’s body.

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“What we did earlier was to ask for information from the initial stage to the final stage. What is called the beginning is starting from history, the history of when the body was admitted to the hospital, when it was autopsied and so on,” said Anam.


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