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Keeping Inflation, BPN Will Provide Food Distribution Subsidy | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – The National Food Agency (NFA) has 2 food transport subsidy schemes to reduce inflation. This includes covering the costs of distributing food from surplus areas to deficit areas, and the allocation of general transfer funds to local governments.

“There are two, so Mr. President conveyed that for large ones, for example over production in Sumbawa, Dompu, yesterday’s corn, yes, the place is not enough to accommodate it, Bulog warehouses, private warehouses are not enough, then this stock must be mobilized to other areas,” he told reporters in Bekasi, Tuesday (20/9).

“Meanwhile, farmers in Kendal, breeders in Blitar, need corn, now the distribution is facilitated by the National Food Agency, which is large,” he added.

Even so, Arief was reluctant to mention how much of the allocation of funds prepared by the National Food Agency. However, he confirmed that he would bear the distribution costs that Bapanas would provide.

“Whatever the need, it should be possible. Because there are production centers that have excess, there are areas that are in deficit. So, surplus areas to deficit areas, the mapping is in the NFA. Deputy one,” he explained.

He explained that the allocation of general transfer funds in regional governments was in line with President Joko Widodo’s request. Where the local government allocates 2 percent of the DTU either the General Allocation Fund or the Revenue Sharing Fund to assist food transportation.

The mechanism is through inter-regional cooperation which is considered not too burdensome for local government finances. The goal is still the same, namely to meet the needs in one area from an area that has excess production of certain commodities.

“The small thing, the cooperation between regions, the Minister of Home Affairs, of course, with the Minister of Finance and the Coordinating Minister for the Economy, has said that it can use the 2 percent DTU which amounts to Rp. 2.17 trillion, it can be used for DTU, DAU, DBH, it can be used for mobilization. stock,” he said.

This effort is in line with the government’s steps to curb food inflation in the regions. This is the government’s attention after the price increase BBM Subsidies that will also have an impact on the national inflation rate.

Reporter: Arief Rahman H.

Source: Liputan6.com [azz]

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