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Kaesang wedding, Klaten Police reduce 599 personnel on the Yogyakarta-Surakarta route


KAPOLRES Klaten Adjunct Senior Commissioner Eko Prasetyo, Thursday (1/12),
Leading the rally as well as checking security personnel for the Yogyakarta-Surakarta route which will be passed by VVIP guests at the wedding of President Joko Widodo’s youngest son, Kaesang Pangarep.

Security for the VVIP line was carried out for three days, 8-10 December 2022. The Klaten Police sent 599 personnel. They will be placed at 80 points on line A, Yogyakarta-Surakarta and 38 points on line B Surakarta-Yogyakarta.

“The rally this morning also checked the preparations for securing the VVIP guest line for the wedding of President Joko Widodo’s son,” he said
Police Chief AKB Eko Prasetyo.

The Klaten Police involved 599 personnel to secure the Jogja-Solo route
and Solo-Jogja which will be passed by VVIP guests. Number of security officers
this route does not include TNI personnel from the 0723 Klaten Kodim and the Service
Clan Relations.

According to the Police Chief, there was no engineering or diversion of traffic flow.
Everything is normative and what is important is the flow of traffic on the main route
Yogyakarta-Surakarta smoothly and safely.

On this occasion, Eko Prasetyo reminded his members not to forget to wear vests during the three days on duty. Because, chances are later will be on duty until night. In addition, must prepare a raincoat.

“I ask my friends to carry out their duties of securing the VVIP line with full sincerity. Let’s provide the best service to the public and VVIP guests, so that everything runs smoothly and safely,” he said. (N-2)


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