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Kaesang Pangarep’s anti-complicated stock investment tips | merdeka.com


womidea.com – Kaesang Pangarep as the People’s Stock Brand Ambassador shared anti-complicated stock investment tips. According to him, now there is a cash idea feature in the Shares application so that people no longer need to mess around buying shares.

This feature provides stock recommendation data generated by certified analysts. For this reason, the user community only needs to download the People’s Shares application and monitor stock movements in this application so that they can make the right decisions in stock transactions.

“The main thing is to download the People’s Stock, there will be ideas for cash. There, our analysts give stock recommendations, it’s easy. Sell when, buy when, there’s all the analysis, it’s easier than a headache,” he said in a press conference at JakartaWednesday (30/11).

He emphasized that in today’s era where technology is advanced. So that people do not need to be complicated if they want to buy and sell shares. Kaesang reminded the public that it is enough to use existing technology.

“We have an analysis on the idea of ​​making money, that’s the easiest. If we do the analysis ourselves, it’s not finished, it’s tiring. Now there is technology, someone is already helping,” he added.

In addition, the People’s Shares continues to promote financial education as an effort to increase Indonesian people’s capital market literacy, which is still relatively low. This is in line with the commitment since the beginning of the People’s Stock which was indeed started from a community that was formed out of his and Kevin Hendrawan’s love for the capital market.

“People’s shares before being used as an application have been educating about the capital market from the start. Now, every Tuesday, Thursday and weekend there are free webinars to increase literacy,” he concluded.

Intern Reporter: Hana Tiara Hanifah

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