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Merdeka.com – The rocket belonging to Jeff Bezos, the third richest person in the world exploded after launching from Cape Canaveral, Florida, United States (US) yesterday. The incident was the first crash of a Blue Origin Flight, a rocket belonging to Jeff Bezos’ space travel company.

Quoted from AP News, Monday (12/9), the rocket, named The New Shepard, did not carry passengers, but only carried 36 experimental materials.

Although the rocket fell and exploded, the part of the rocket carrying the experimental materials managed to land safely.

The incident began while the rocket was flying at a speed of 1.126 kilometers per hour at an altitude of 8.5 kilometers. About a minute into the rocket’s launch, bright yellow flames erupted from the underside of the engine.

After the flames burst, the emergency cancellation system was started immediately so that the part of the rocket carrying the experimental material was released and landed in a remote desert.

“The rocket crashed, with no injuries or damage reported,” the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said.

“It seems we had an anomaly with today’s flight. This was unplanned,” said Blue Flight’s team of commentators at the time of the crash.

According to Blue Flight, the crash occurred due to a booster system error.

“Booster failure on unmanned flight today. The release system was carried out as planned,” Blue Flight wrote on its Twitter page.

The launch of The New Shepard rocket is the 23rd launch. This is also the ninth flight of a special capsule rocket for weightless experiments.

Previously, this rocket had successfully launched without a hitch. Previously, Jeff Bezos and 5 other passengers had launched into space on this rocket.

Intern Reporter: Theofilus Jose Setiawan

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