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JNE Depok Warehouse Fire Cooling Process Takes Two Days | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – The process of extinguishing and cooling the JNE warehouse that caught fire last Monday morning has been completed. The cooling was carried out for two days until the location was declared safe from coals and fire.

“It is safe and the cooling has been completed,” said Head of Operations of the Depok City Fire and Rescue Service (DPKP), Welman Naipospos, Wednesday (14/9).

Firefighters extinguished the fire at the time of the incident for about five hours. The process of extinguishing the fire took a long time because of the huge fire. After the fire is extinguished, it is then cooled.

“On the first day, we arrived at 21.00 WIB to cool down because residents were worried that there would still be fire remnants. There were 10 cars that were taken down,” he said.

On the second day yesterday the cooling process was still being carried out. Because of the report from the warehouse still found the rest of the coal and emit a thin smoke. “Yesterday, a search was carried out at the location. Five cars were taken down for the search and cooling process,” he added.

And for today it has been confirmed that there will be no fire and embers left. However, the firefighters are still on guard if they receive a report for re-combing.

“(The cause of the fire) is still under investigation policesaid Welman.

The location of the fire has been installed with a police line. The Forensic Laboratory Center (Puslabfor) of the National Police Headquarters yesterday carried out an inspection. However, the results are not yet known. So far, five witnesses have been examined, namely security guards and JNE employees. According to witnesses, the fire came from the Eiger warehouse. The fire quickly spread to several rooms.

“The materials in it are flammable items, so the fire spreads quickly,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Cimanggis Police, AKP Hendra.

As a result of the fire, four houses were affected. Two of them caught fire and the other two were damaged by the falling walls of the fence. However, there were no casualties in the accident. “There are four houses that were damaged,” he concluded.



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