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It’s hard to say no to others, let’s take a peek at the tips

It’s hard to say no to others, let’s take a peek at the tips

Poptren.voice.com – Some people have feelings that no nice to other people. In general, people who do not want to hurt other people’s feelings.

It could be that he doesn’t like what he’s doing. In fact, it can make him uncomfortable.

Having the ability to say “no” as a rejection of an offer is important. Saying “no” to others will make yourself better and more comfortable.

Having the ability to say “no” requires a special approach so that the rejected person does not get angry. Quoted from the page Betteruphere are some tips to say “no” to others.

Practicing saying ‘no’ will get you into the habit of saying it when it’s not in your favour. Saying ‘no’ often will also help you get used to it and make it easier to say it at other times.

Communicate Reason
When saying ‘no’ to someone else, it’s important to explain why you turned down the offer.

That way, the person will also respect the decision that has been taken. In addition, explaining the reason will also make the person clearly accept why the person being offered is not interested.

Say Thank You
Even if you refuse, it’s important to say thank you for being trusted and offered to do so.

That way he will feel appreciated even though the offer is rejected. In addition, saying thank you when you say ‘no’ will also show the person the form of appreciation that is given.

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Take Some Time Before Saying It
It is important before saying ‘no’ to others to think about it carefully. It is necessary to think about the positive and negative impacts of accepting and refusing an offer.

Be Firm But Respect
Being firm about refusing an offer can also help. However, when saying it it is also necessary to show respect to the person.

Therefore, even if he doesn’t accept it firmly, respecting him will make him understand that refusing is not meant to belittle him.

Male Illustration.  (Pixabay.com) [suara.com]

Don’t beat around the bush
When you want to say ‘no’, try to get straight to the point you want to make. A lengthy explanation will sometimes make the rejected person think that the explanation is just an excuse.

For this reason, it’s important to say a direct ‘no’ to this and a brief reason why you can’t accept the offer.

Learn Tactics To Influence Others
People hesitate to say ‘no’ usually because they feel bad for the person offering it.

For that, try to learn tactics to influence other people so that when you say ‘no’ it won’t be a problem. In addition, saying ‘no’ will also make yourself a firm figure.

Ask Others for Suggestions
Usually friends, family, or relatives have suggestions for saying ‘no’ in a nice and polite way. It can help you say ‘no’ without hurting the feelings of the person offering.

Source: Suara.com


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