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Is it safe to consult a clinical psychologist?

Is it safe to consult a clinical psychologist?

“Is it safe to share my problem with a clinical psychologist?”
“What if I get a bad judgment or judgment from a clinical psychologist?”
“What if my story is later disseminated by a clinical psychologist without my permission?”

Often when we have problems we prefer to talk to family members or friends we can trust. However, not all of us have the opportunity to share stories safely with full acceptance and without judgment when telling stories to those closest to us. Some actually get judged and feel pressured when telling them.

The discomfort of the experience can cause a person to become increasingly difficult to open up and prefer to keep his problems to himself. Not a few also want to seek professional help to consult a clinical psychologist, but still imagine their previous experience. Worried that later clinical psychologists will also give bad judgments or judgments on what is experienced or told.

Did you know that clinical psychologists have a code of ethics and must have taken the oath/promise of the clinical psychologist profession to be able to practice? Clinical psychologists are bound by the Indonesian Clinical Psychologist’s Code of Ethics, which is a guide to standards of values ​​and behavior for Clinical Psychologists.

Chapter V Professionalism in Article 17 contains ‘Clinical Psychology Staff are required to use their knowledge and skills for the benefit of the client/patient with the consent/consent of the client/patient or the client’s/patient’s family’. Chapter VII Prioritizing Psychological Welfare and Client/Patient Rights in Article 27 contains ‘Clinical Psychology Staff must respect the privacy and confidentiality of client/patient data in carrying out their professional practice’. Based on this, we no longer need to feel worried when consulting a clinical psychologist. Make sure you have filled out and completed the informed consent form before getting the services of a clinical psychologist at a health or psychology service facility.

Then, what is the difference between consulting a psychologist and confiding in family/friends?

So, are you still hesitant to consult a clinical psychologist?


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