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Investors Are Asked Not to Hesitate to Invest in 30 Creative Economy Actors Participating in ICEFF 2022

Investors Are Asked Not to Hesitate to Invest in 30 Creative Economy Actors Participating in ICEFF 2022

Metro, Suara.com- The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy/Head of the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Menparekraf/Kabaparekraf), Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno asked investors as well as sharia funding institutions who attended the pitching of the “Islamic Creative Economy Founders Fund (ICEFF) 2022” Surabaya city to not hesitate to invest in 30 selected participants.

This was conveyed by Menparekraf Sandiaga when opening the bootcamp and pitching program “ICEFF 2022” virtually, Sunday (17/7/2022).

“Mr/Mrs, investors and sharia funding institutions to support creative economy players with their halal products, by investing in ICEFF 2022 participants,” said Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno.

Trend halal industry is currently one of the main topics of conversation in the world of international business. Based on the Indonesia Halal Market Report 2021/2022, Indonesia is the largest halal consumer market in the world, with consumption of halal products around US$ 184 billion in 2020; the export value of halal products reaches 8 billion US dollars; the import value of halal products is around 10 billion US dollars, and the investment in the halal economic sector in Indonesia is around 5 billion US dollars.

“Seeing the development of the data, there are opportunities that can be exploited in order to make Indonesia not only a halal consumer, but as a center for the world halal industry. Such as increasing exports of Indonesian halal products, increasing foreign investment (FDI) in the Indonesian halal industry sector, and substituting needs domestic halal products that have been imported so far,” said Sandiaga.

The potential of Indonesia’s halal industry is very large, the government continues to encourage business actors to develop halal products and services. So hopefully, Indonesia can become a major player, not only the target market for the world’s halal industry producers.

In line with Indonesia’s vision to become the center of the world’s halal producers, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is committed to supporting the acceleration of the halal industry through the 2022 Islamic Creative Economy Founders Fund (ICEFF) program. A program that brings together tourism and creative economy business actors, especially the halal industry in the culinary, craft, application, and food sub-sectors. and modest fashion to get funding support from financial institutions and investors to develop the business.


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