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Inequality Parade

Inequality Parade

CITAYAM Fashion Week. That’s the media, alright mainstream and social media, mentions the phenomenon of teenage girls from the outskirts of the capital invading the Dukuh Atas area, Sudirman, Central Jakarta, which has gone viral recently. In fact, foreign media from Japan also commented on it. The term is a pun that refers to the well-known fashion week events which are regularly held in major cities of the world, such as New York, London, Paris, or Milan, Italy. By wearing colorful outfits The striking thing is that they hang out or walk around in style in one corner of the capital’s elite area.

However, unlike the children in Gangnam District, South Korea, who come from affluent groups, the teenagers from Citayam and its surroundings are often considered tacky and tacky. The clothes they wear from hats to footwear, maybe the price is way below sneakers The Nike Dunk Low worn by Najwa Shihab or the Nike Air Jordan Atta ‘Asssip’ Halilintar collection, which can cost upwards of Rp. 5 million a pair. The shoes they wear at best are fake Converse or Vans alias imitations. Likewise, the food and drink they consume during hangoutnothing more than round tofu, dumplings, and Nutrisari sasetan which are sold by cycling coffee sellers.

They, Bonge, Jeje, and their friends (to name some of the names of Citayam’s children who are viral on social media), just want to have fun, express themselves, and enjoy public spaces. Just like the South Jakarta teenagers who were around Jalan Melawai in the 80s. The difference is, they come from the upper middle class who ride with their parents’ cars, while Bonge et al are from the lower middle class. They arrived at Sudirman Station by taking the KRL from Citayam Station. The classes are different, but the goal is the same. Everyone wants to be stylish while enjoying the beauty of the city.

What the ABGs from Citayam and its surroundings were doing around Sudirman Station was an ordinary social phenomenon. There’s no need to be overly amazed or look down at their actions. The phenomenon is just a trend that may eventually disappear by itself until they get bored. The state apparatus does not need to overreact to it. Let them express themselves as long as they do not disturb public order and damage the beauty of the city.

Let the teenagers be creative in shaping their personal identity or environment, just as teenagers in Harajuku or Shibuya District, Japan, and cities in other parts of the world do. Who knows, their presence inspired the birth of famous fashion icons like Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, or Rei Kawakubo. Who knows their presence could also become a tourist attraction or a famous director. Who knows, from the beginning, imitating the American way of dressing, the teenagers’ awareness will grow to adopt traditional clothing. Yes, who knows?

fashion street in Japan, which began in the 70s, initially imitated the student-style fashion style of ‘Abang Sam’s Country’ until later developed and has its own uniqueness. One thing is for sure, phenomena fashion street what the Citayam teenagers do is part of the subculture of pop culture, such as music and film. What they do can also be seen as part of a form of resistance to an established culture even though they may not even realize it. Just like when they innocently fell victim to the exploitation of content hunters adsense. You don’t have to be surprised either, this is indeed the era of the devotees money. Everything is created to produce material.

From Bonge and his friends, we can learn that everything doesn’t always have to depend on prestige and material things. Fashion style doesn’t have to be expensive. Hangouts You don’t even have to hang out while sipping coffee at an unreasonable price. Another thing that may have been overlooked, is that the presence of Citayam children in this elite area reminds us that inequality in development is real (even a stone’s throw from Jakarta). This phenomenon also emphasizes that the development of an open and egalitarian public space is necessary for the happiness of all citizens.

Hopefully what Bonge et al have done can inspire city stakeholders, especially those in the buffer zone of the Capital City, to build and multiply such facilities. They need to be directed so they don’t roam around being thugs on the streets. Adieu.


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