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Indonesian Exports Increase 30.15 Percent in August 2022, Reaching USD27.9 Billion | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) reported that Indonesia posted an export figure of USD 27.91 billion in August 2022. This figure rose 30.15 percent year on year (YoY) compared to August 2021.

Deputy for Distribution Statistics and Services BPS Setianto said, Indonesia’s exports increased 9.17 percent month to month compared to the previous month, which amounted to USD 25.56 billion in July 2022.

“Seeed year on year, exports in August increased by 30.15 percent compared to August 2021 which amounted to USD 21.44 billion,” explained Setianto, Thursday (15/9).

Setianto explained, the value of USD 27.91 billion consisted of exports of non-oil and gas and oil and gas goods. Non-oil and gas commodities increased by 8.24 percent on a monthly basis, while oil and gas increased by 25.59 percent month-to-month.

“So this 8.24 percent increase mainly occurred for animal or vegetable fats and oils. The increase was 25.40 percent. Then the second commodity with a fairly large increase was machinery and electrical equipment and parts, with an increase of 21.16 percent,” added Setianto.

Meanwhile, for the increase in oil and gas exports which amounted to 25.29 percent, the main change was the export change for gas, which rose 29.35 percent. “If we differentiate between volume and aggregate price, volume increases by 14.99 percent, then there is an increase in the average aggregate price of 12.49 percent,” he explained.

Also, oil yields rose 17.07 percent, volume rose 37.32 percent, then aggregate prices increased by 14.74 percent. Crude oil increased 26.56 percent, volume increased 37.66 percent. Then the average aggregate price increased by 8.06 percent.

Reporter: Maulandy Rizky Bayu Kencana

Source: Liputan6.com [azz]

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