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Indef Urges Government to Increase Budget Space for Organic Fertilizers | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Indef’s Executive Director, Ahmad Tauhid, encouraged the government to increase the budget allocation for organic fertilizer management. According to Tauhid, this step is important considering that the materials for making subsidized fertilizers have experienced a fairly high price spike. Mainly due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

“Organic fertilizer is very necessary. In fact, some people or farmers can produce organic fertilizer. But many cannot produce it, especially for small farmers because they have to collect animal waste and so on. I think we are not efficient. So space must be considered. a bigger budget for organics so they can re-enter,” said Tauhid at the Indonesia Business Forum TV One, Wednesday (14/9).

Tauhid said that currently the global fertilizer price index is much higher than the energy price index. In fact, the number can reach 170 to 180. This number is much higher than the energy price of only 150.

“This means that globally the increase in fertilizer is much higher than the increase in energy and food prices itself. I suspect this will also flow to us because the majority of fertilizer components are 56, even almost 58 percent of gas,” he said.

Regarding this matter, Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo (Mentan SYL) encouraged farmers throughout Indonesia to use the People’s Business Credit (KUR) budget as an effort towards fertilizer independence. Because only in that way, the needs of plants for the importance of fertilizer can be fulfilled properly.

“Use KUR. If he takes the normal KUR the interest is very low. Yesterday in 2019 we used the 55 trillion kur which was stuck at 0.03 percent. This is really great for our farmers. Then in 2021 we used 85 trillion which was stuck at 0.6 Yes, there are traffic jams, maybe because of a sudden flood or natural disaster,” he said.

Previously, SYL ensured that the current food supply was in a safe condition. Everything can still be controlled considering that production in a number of areas continues to be carried out. However, SYL reminded that this condition is not necessarily safe in the years to come.

“This year I believe that our balance sheet is quite safe. The 12 basic commodities are quite well maintained, let’s say we still have enough wheat, our oil is a competitive part with sunflower oil from other countries. But I want to say that we don’t may be too confident. But all steps must be prepared, “he explained.



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