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Hyundai Unveils Appearance and Opens Orders for MPV Stargazer

Hyundai Unveils Appearance and Opens Orders for MPV Stargazer

PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) revealed the appearance of its newest MPV which will be launched soon, the Hyundai Stargazer. This new product is specially designed for families and street characteristics in Indonesia.

Indonesia has a tropical climate combined with various road contours. In addition to heavy traffic, long trips are also part of the daily life of Indonesian people, so a family car is needed that can provide comfort in all conditions to support mobility.

HMID President Director Woojune Cha revealed, the Hyundai Stargazer was designed with a spacious cabin feel and maximum use of space but still prioritizes comfort. According to him, this product is specially designed as a new benchmark in its class.

“This latest product to be marketed in the country is Hyundai’s response in meeting the needs and modern lifestyles of Indonesian consumers. Comes with innovative technology and the latest safety features, the Stargazer can be a comfortable and practical family choice vehicle for daily mobility needs. long journey,” said Woojune Cha, Saturday (16/7).

Stargazer comes with Sleek One Box with One Curve Design decorated with Horizontal DRL on the front which became the design language of the Hyundai Stargazer. The horizontal DRL that stretches reflects Indonesia as a country located on the equator. While the back, pinned Distinctive H Rear Lamp which confirms the product from Hyundai.

The symmetrical H lamp also symbolizes balance, unity, and harmony that connects Indonesia from the east to the west. The design shows Hyundai’s innovation in combining technology and emotional values.

In the interior, the height of the cabin is further optimized through the arch in the cabin ceiling which makes the interior more spacious and wider. Multifunctional Storage Space become the main concept in the design of the interior design of this car. The goal is to pamper all passengers with lots of storage space that makes use of hidden areas, such as small tray, cup holder, extra pockets, picnic table, and others. This makes the cabin space more practical and without the need to reduce its spaciousness.

Stargazer has Captain Seat complete with arm rest on the second row. Its position can be adjusted forward, backward, upright, or lying down, adding to the impression of space and feeling open space bigger. Passengers in the third row also have easier access with the empty space in the middle.

Price and Order

The Stargazer also features the Hyundai Bluelink, an innovation Connected Car Service from Hyundai that allows customers to connect with their cars via smartphones. As a result, consumers can fully access important features, such as knowing the condition of the vehicle, turning on/off the engine, adjusting the cabin temperature, locking/unlocking the door, turning on the horn, turning on/off the lights, as well as knowing where the vehicle is parked.

This technology will also provide security and convenience, because through Hyundai Bluelink, customers can gain access to various advanced features, such as: Stolen Vehicle Notification & Stolen Vehicle Tracking, Stolen Vehicle Immobilization, ACN (Auto Collision Notification), SOS/Emergency Assistance, Roadside Assistance (RSA) as well as other security features.

In addition to revealing the price of HMID, it also officially opens orders for those who are interested in owning a Stargazer. This family vehicle is offered in six variants, namely Active MT: IDR 243.3 million, Active IVT: IDR 255.9 million, Trend MT: IDR 263.3 million, Trend IVT: IDR 275.9 million, Style: IDR 296.3 million. , and Prime: IDR 307.1 million. (S-4)


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