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Merdeka.com – The Archipelago Capital Authority (IKN Authority) is looking for professionals to fill a number of vacant positions in organizations under OIKN. So, the institution can operate no later than the end of 2022.

The Coordinator of the Information and Communications Team of the IKN Transition Team, Sidik Pramono, reported that related to filling the organization, the IKN Authority recruited talented individuals, professionals, and by applying the principle of meritocracy.

“The IKN Nusantara that we want to build is a world-class future city. So we need agile and professional individuals and organizations/bureaucracies to answer future challenges,” said Sidik in a written submission, Sunday (18/9).

Sidik conveyed, for the basis for determining the organizational structure and filling positions/equipment under the Head and Deputy Head of OIKN, it is regulated in OIKN Head Regulation Number 1 of 2022.

“The organizational apparatus under the Head and Deputy Head of OIKN consists of the Secretariat, 7 Deputies, and the Legal and Compliance Unit. The determination of the number of deputies is based on an analysis of the organization and workload,” he explained.

“Referring to the provisions of Presidential Regulation Number 62 of 2022 concerning the Archipelago Capital Authority, at least 2 deputies are prioritized from elements of the local community in East Kalimantan,” he added.

According to him, for the first time the fulfillment of human resources (HR) in the Middle High Leadership Position is carried out based on an assignment/appointment by the President based on the proposal of the Head of OIKN.

Also for the first time, the fulfillment of the needs for administrator and functional positions in the early stages is carried out based on the appointment and appointment by the Head of OIKN, based on the provisions of the legislation.

“The recruitment of OIKN officials is expected to immediately assist the implementation of OIKN’s tasks in the preparation, development, and relocation of the State Capital, as well as the implementation of the IKN Special Regional Government, and the development of IKN and Partner Regions,” he said.

Reporter: Maulandy Rizki Bayu Kencana

Source: Liputan6.com [azz]

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