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How to Set Application Permissions on iPhone, Prevent Misuse of Customer Data | merdeka.com


womidea.com – When using an iPhone app for the first time, you may be asked to give the app access to other features on your phone, such as the camera. By clicking “Allow”, you are unknowingly giving the application access to your personal information and that of those closest to you.

Reported from CNET, Tuesday (29/11), the application can share personal data with digital marketing and advertising technology companies without the user’s knowledge. Companies like Apple and Facebook even facing lawsuits and fines for allegedly misusing that user’s data.

If you have granted certain permissions to third-party iPhone apps, you can revoke them at any time by going to Settings on your iPhone and clicking the Privacy & Security menu.

In Privacy & Security, you can select functions such as Contacts, Photos, and Camera to see which third-party apps are requesting permission to access this information. For example, in Contacts, it can indicate that the notes app has access to your contact list. You can disable it to stop access.

Apart from revoking app permissions, you can also customize which apps can access location data. If you click Location Services near the top of the menu, you can enable or disable this service for all or some of your apps. You can also click the Share My Location menu to enable or disable Find My iPhone, as well as which contacts you’ve shared your location with.

There’s also an option in Privacy & Security called Apple Advertising. Tap this to view Apple’s ad targeting information, and enable or disable these personalized ads. Apple says turning off personalized ads will make the ads you see in the App Store, Apple News, and Stocks less relevant to you, but may not reduce the number of ads you see in those apps.

You can also enable App Privacy Report from the Privacy & Security menu. This report shows how often apps access our data and shows each app’s network activity as well as which web domains the app is connecting to.

To enable the report, click App Privacy Report, then Enable App Privacy Report. At first, you won’t see any information, but as you use the app, the reports will populate. After that, it will be visible which apps share our data the most, and you can take steps to limit how much data those apps can access.

Intern reporter: Dinda Khansa Berlian



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