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Helping MSMEs, PT Caturnusa Sejahtera Finance Collaborates with KADIN DKI Jakarta | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Recently, PT Caturnusa Sejahtera Finance (CSF), which is a finance company that is part of the Traveloka Group, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the DKI Jakarta Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN) related to cooperation in distributing productive financing for business capital.

This Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Michael Lasmana, Director of PT CSF and Diana Dewi, General Chair of the DKI Jakarta KADIN at the signing ceremony which was held to coincide with the 2022 Djakarta Festival which was held on 26 – 28 August 2022.

Michael Lasmana, Director of PT Caturnusa Sejahtera Finance, said that the partnership with the Jakarta Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) has further expanded public access, especially MSME players and members of the Jakarta Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) to obtain financing services as business capital.

“This is a form of our commitment in supporting the growth of national financial inclusion and accelerating national economic recovery after the pandemic. We are optimistic that the support we provide can make a real contribution to MSMEs and members of the Jakarta Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which are one of the pillars of the Indonesian economy,” he said.

Welcoming this collaboration, Diana Dewi, General Chair of the DKI Jakarta KADIN, said that currently the DKI Jakarta KADIN has embraced hundreds of members of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), which are engaged in various fields such as Culinary, Fashion, Craft and others.

“Through the distribution of financing for business capital and/or investment from CSF, of course this will be a very good opportunity and can help smooth the business of our MSME members, especially for those who were previously affected by the pandemic in the last two years. Collaboration with CSF is also getting better. strengthen the commitment of the DKI Jakarta Chamber of Commerce and Industry in reviving Small and Medium Industries (IKM) and MSMEs, especially in the DKI Jakarta area,” he said.

(Right to left) Michael Lasmana and Diana Dewi, as well as other KADIN partners during the Memorandum of Understanding signing session held at the 2022 Djakarta Festival which was held last August.

The signing of this Memorandum of Understanding is the first step that opens up opportunities for CSF to provide support in increasing financial literacy and inclusion, which can include support in financial education activities for MSMEs assisted by KADIN DKI, as well as support in financial inclusion which includes socialization and offers of productive financing in the form of financing for venture capital and/or investment to MSME partners in DKI Jakarta and members of the Jakarta Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The venture capital financing program initiated by CSF has been welcomed by partners who have collaborated with the Traveloka Group and various other merchants since its launch in early 2022. Until now, there have been at least 150 merchants engaged in food & beverages, transportation, and building materials, which have utilized productive financing programs to support their respective businesses.

This financing is very helpful for the sustainability of their business which includes, cash financing for business capital, financing for the purchase of business raw materials, financing for the needs of services and goods for business investment (such as rental fees, purchase of business support equipment to payment for business certification).

“In the future, CSF wants to continue to make a real contribution to the growth of financial inclusion and financial access by becoming a financial service provider for merchants in developing their business while strengthening national MSMEs,” concluded Michael.



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