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Held Fire Fighting Simulation, DKI Provincial Government Hopes ASN to Be Alert and Alert | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – DKI provincial government Jakarta held a fire and natural disaster management simulation activity in Block G of DKI Jakarta City Hall Building, Thursday (15/9).

This simulation activity is a form of education and preventive action on building fire safety management so that all ASN or employees on duty within the City Hall can respond when a disaster occurs.

“We hope that this activity can provide knowledge and training related to safety procedures (protap) in mitigating fire disasters and earthquake, especially for those on duty in tall buildings. This simulation has an important and strategic meaning, in order to increase the commitment, vigilance and preparedness of all parties, including evaluating the readiness of fire and disaster management facilities and infrastructure at City Hall,” said Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria.

Riza also said that this socialization is not only carried out at City Hall, but can be carried out periodically in all buildings and offices in Jakarta, especially buildings or offices belonging to the DKI Jakarta provincial government.

“For all ASN and employees, I advise them to play an active role in mitigating things that have the potential to cause fires by turning off all electronic work devices after work, especially before weekends and before national holidays,” added Riza.

In addition, Riza also requested that all regional officials check equipment, fire early warning systems, communication facilities for hazard warnings on a regular basis, and not allow anyone to smoke in the office or workplace.

Then, it is also necessary to socialize various rescue scenarios and evacuation routes in the event of fire and earthquake disasters that must be understood by the employees of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.



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