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Merdeka.com – As a generation that grew up in line with technological developments, Generation Z actually views the leakage of personal data as a worrying incident. One of them was the leak of 1.3 billion Prepaid SIM Card registration data.

Annisa Zulfalia, a student of Communication Studies at Diponegoro University (UNDIP) admitted that she was worried when she found out that Prepaid SIM Card data was spread.

“The problem is that now our data is only a cellphone number, it is connected everywhere, including NIK. So personal data protection is very important,” said Lia on her nickname to Merdeka.com, Wednesday (7/9).

Rohmat Arief also said the same thing. This UNDIP student said that this data leak is the responsibility of the government and related parties, according to him, every security system must have weaknesses that become entry holes for hackers. Therefore, he considers it important for the public to be literate regarding the security of their personal data.

“For example, don’t click on links carelessly, don’t use the same password for each account, and use authentication twice. You have to be aware that handing over data to other parties has risks,” said Rohmat.

Meanwhile, according to a student at UIN Walisongo Lintang Pratama, he was already bored with the news about data leaks. As a matter of fact, Kominfo and data management must start seriously to improve the security of people’s personal data.

“Here the hacker’s actions are clearly wrong, but those who collect and manage data must still be responsible. Why ask for data if you can’t maintain it,” he said.

The statement from generation Z is as illustrated in the results of the 2020 Komnas HAM survey. In the survey, it was stated that this 17-25 year old age group has concerns about the security of their personal data. As many as 78.4 percent of respondents think their personal data is not safe on the internet.

As is known, Commission I of the DPR RI has approved the Bill on the Protection of Personal Data (RUU PDP) which was submitted by the Government in the Level I Discussion. Level II.

Reporter: Dinda Khansa Berlian



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