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Hanging out in the Village, Regent Ipuk Returns to Guerrilla Helping Stunting Toddlers | merdeka.com


womidea.com – Efforts to deal with stunting continue to be encouraged by the district government by involving various parties. With various efforts made by the Regent Banyuwangi Ipuk Fiestiandani and his staff, the stunting rate continues to decline.

Reducing stunting is one of the priorities of the Banyuwangi Regency Government. Efforts to handle it continue to be encouraged by involving various parties. During the Regent’s Ngantor in the Village program (Bunga Desa), Banyuwangi Regent Ipuk Fiestiandani always reviewed the handling of stunting in the village.

Regent Ipuk visited a stunted toddler in Wringin Putih Village, Muncar District, on the sidelines of a series of Village Flower programs in Wringin Putih Village, Wednesday (30/11/2022).

Ipuk observed the development of an 18-month-old toddler from Kabat Mantren Hamlet, Wringinputih Village, who was previously stunted.

Ipuk asked the parents and health workers in charge to continue to monitor the growth and development of the toddler. “Always monitor his progress. Give him high-nutrition food. There are lots of fish in Muncar, that’s what his son needs because his nutrition is high,” said Ipuk to the toddler’s parents.

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“Health workers must routinely come to pick up the ball to check their growth and development. The government cannot handle stunting alone. Collaboration with various parties is needed to work together to suppress stunting in Banyuwangi,” said Ipuk.

According to Ipuk, the problem of stunting is still a big obstacle in preparing a superior and competitive generation. For this reason, the acceleration of handling must continue to be intensified. Currently the prevalence of stunting in Banyuwangi is 20 percent, lower than the average district/city in East Java which is 23.5 percent.

“But we have a dream that in 2024, Banyuwangi’s stunting rate will be below 14 percent, or even zero in the next few years,” he hoped.

As an effort to handle it, Banyuwangi launched the Banyuwangi Respond Stunting (BTS) program. This program succeeded in reducing the number of under-fives in Banyuwangi. In 2021 there will be 4,371 cases of stunting. And now it can be suppressed by up to 2,704 cases during 2022.

One of the activities carried out in the BTS program, said Ipuk, is routine supplementary feeding (PMT) for children with stunting and those with the potential to experience stunting.

“Once a month, we also mobilize thousands of ASN to buy nutritious food to pass MSME Shopping Day, the proceeds we donate to address stunting,” said Ipuk.

In fact, the district government has invited the Agriculture and Food Service to provide vegetable seed assistance to parents of stunting toddlers.

Plt. The Head of the Banyuwangi Health Office, Amir Hidayat, added that PMT was the result of collaboration across OPDs. PMT, continued Amir, is given according to the child’s condition and the factors that cause stunting. For example, said Amir, stunting sufferers who are less than 2 years old are given high-protein food in the hope that their condition will improve soon.

“Apart from PMT, they are also intervened according to the causal factors. For example, building MCK if the reason for stunting is due to the environment,” said Amir.

In addition to handling, the Regency Government has also carried out a number of preventive efforts. Starting to provide assistance to young women, prospective brides, to high-risk pregnant women.



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