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Government Urged to Calculate Compensation for Farmers whose Cows were Destroyed Due to PMK | merdeka.com

Government Urged to Calculate Compensation for Farmers whose Cows were Destroyed Due to PMK |  merdeka.com

Merdeka.com – The government is asked to immediately intervene in farmers’ losses due to nail and mouth disease (PMK). Farmers are promised compensation of Rp. 10 million per head of cattle destroyed.

However, until now it has not been clearly given to farmers, while a number of farmers have bad credit.

Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives for the Coordination of People’s Welfare, Abdul Muhaimin Iskandar, asked the government to provide an explanation of the timing and payment of compensation according to the number of cattle destroyed.

“The certainty of compensation from the government is very important because it will give hope to the farmers whose cows died due to the FMD outbreak,” said Muhaimin in his statement quoted on Saturday (16/7).

The Regional Government together with the Department of Agriculture and Livestock were asked to collect data on farmers and the number of cows that would be compensated due to PMK. In order to immediately calculate the amount of funds needed to pay the farmers’ losses.

“I think it is important for the government to consider providing debt relaxation for breeders who borrow funds in the context of developing or investing in their farms, considering that the spread of the FMD virus has a direct impact on their income so that many farmers have difficulty paying debts and have bad credit,” said Muhaimin.

The General Chair of the PKB encouraged the government to accelerate the handling of PMK, especially the implementation of PMK vaccinations to cut off and prevent the spread of the virus so that more livestock animals are not infected and prevent farmers’ losses from getting bigger.

“Don’t let this epidemic continue because it will threaten the sustainability of cattle cultivation which needs support from the government as a way to maintain national food availability, especially beef availability,” said Muhaimin.



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