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Giant Fish Stranded in Garut After Flood, Thought to be fake | Dream.co.id

Giant Fish Stranded in Garut After Flood, Thought to be fake |  Dream.co.id

Netizens suspect the fish is Arapaima Gigas.

Dream – Floods can wash away anything that is around us and we didn’t expect before. Ranging from valuables to animals that should be in the waters.

Such was the case in Garut, West Java when residents of the Cipejeuh area near Dayeuhandap, Garut found a giant fish stranded after a flood.

In the video uploaded to the Instagram account @fact.indo, the fish which has a slightly pointed snout with a body like a long tube is trying to be lifted by residents. Apparently, the giant fish was quite heavy. So, it takes quite a lot of people to be able to lift the fish.

© Instagram @facts.indo

Photo: Instagram @fact.indo

In the comments column, a number of netizens assumed that the giant fish was Arapaima Gigas. While other netizens gave funny opinions.

“That actually happened,” wrote @one_ridwan29.

“Actually, it’s a creature from heaven,” @dhikasuzaf comment.

“News anchor at Spongebob,” said @ippein24.

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Suddenly at home a giant python appears with a swollen stomach, when it is dissected its contents make a fever

Dream – Many people choose to leave their pets when traveling. They do not want their pets to be in danger if left alone at home without any care and supervision.

However, not everyone opts for a daycare when leaving their home for a few days. Some people choose to entrust their pets to the people closest to them.

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However, this option does not seem completely secure. This is because pets may not be closely monitored and placed in safe cages, as provided by animal care centers.

In the worst case, the animal entrusted to the relative could die due to lack of supervision. That’s the experience recently experienced by a man from Malaysia, Zailey Addha.

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Last Eid al-Adha, the 26-year-old man returned home to Rompin, Pahang, for a vacation while at his father-in-law’s house. He chose to leave his cat, Koko, to his mother’s house in Kluang, Johor.

He couldn’t bring Koko because he was staying at a homestay that didn’t allow guests to bring pets, including cats. He planned to stay four days and three nights at the homestay.

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“As long as I keep Koko and the three other cats, I’ve never left them,” said Zailey, quoted from mStar.com, Saturday, July 16, 2022.

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In the past, Zailey always takes his cats wherever he goes, including when he goes to his mother and mother-in-law’s house. This is the first time he can’t bring his beloved cat because the place he stays forbids guests from bringing animals.

So he brought his beloved cat to his mother’s house. “It was four in the morning when I got to mom’s house,” said Zailey.

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At her parents’ house, the mother also keeps a cat. So, Zailey’s cats live with the mother’s cat.

While picking up his mother, Zailey left the cats at his parents’ house. They then slid to Rompin.

“Everything is complete and we put it in a spacious cage,” said Zailey.

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At Rompin, Zailey did not stay four days and three instead as planned. Because the homestay where they were staying was having problems, Zailey and his group only stayed two and one night.

They then checked out of the homestay. Zailey went to his father-in-law’s house in Rompin, while the rest of the family returned to the house in Kluang.

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After the separation, Zailey got a call from his brother-in-law. “Suddenly, I got a call from my brother-in-law who told me the python had entered the cat’s cage,” he said.

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Zailey was even more surprised when his brother-in-law told him that Koko was out of sight because the python had eaten him.

“I was shivering at that time. Not wasting time, my wife and I kept rushing to mom’s house,” said Zailey.

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According to him, so far there has never been a snake that entered the yard of the mother’s house.

“Even my mother’s house was never entered by the reptiles,” he added.

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Zailey said the python ate Koko and her mother’s cat. The snake remained in the cage because it was full after eating the cat.

“My brother-in-law killed the python and my mother wanted to dispose of the carcass,” he said.

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But before the mother disposed of the python’s carcass, Zailey had arrived. He then asked the snake carcass not to be thrown away.

“Because I felt sad and wanted to bury Koko, I cut the snake’s stomach,” said Zailey.

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He was very sad to see Koko’s condition in the python’s split stomach. “The cat I’ve had for over two years since I was single.”

For Zailey, Koko is a special cat. However, he could only resign himself to the fate of his beloved pet.

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” Koko ‘ left ‘ when we left for a while at mother ‘s house . My wife had a fever because she was sad , ” said Zailey .

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He added that Koko had actually given a sign. The previous few days the cat had been pensive and aloof.

“Apparently going,” said Zailey.

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Zailey’s post on TikTok about Koko’s story got the attention of many netizens. Many sympathize, but not a few who sneer.

“Only God knows how much we love Koko. But maybe the netizens who commented like that didn’t know the real story,” said Zailey.


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