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Merdeka.com – The scorching sky in Jakarta It’s undeniable that it’s hot. Especially during the day, when the sun is directly overhead, it not only makes thirst peak, but also affects work focus.

Innately, he wants to drink cold drinks that are not only sweet, but also have other taste sensations, the right kind of sour. That way, it can satisfy the thirst that had hit. However, don’t worry, because Abidzar Food & Drink presents the solution through the creation of its homemade mango ice. Like what?

Make the Original Mango as the Raw Material

This mango ice made by Abidzar Food & Drink is not just a drink that uses artificial flavors. However, this dish is made using natural ingredients, including real mangoes.

The selected mango has the right level of ripeness. The taste is neither too sour nor too sweet, so when used as a drink, it feels delicious.

In terms of composition, Abidzar Food & Drink also doesn’t just use a few pieces of fresh mango, but actually measures it with the water used. As a result, this mango ice contains mango juice with the right level of consistency as well.

Added Mango Pudding Too!

©Sweet and Delicious/Abidzar Food & Drink

Interestingly, when drinking this mango ice creation, consumers are not only surprised by the deliciousness of the mango juice, but also the filling added in it. Sure enough, Abidzar Food & Drink added the creation of this drink with mango jelly in it.

The jelly is also made from a mixture of real mango juice. This is what makes this mango ice delicacy so authentic and natural in freshness. When enjoyed cold, the soft taste immediately wets the throat to expel the stifling feeling slowly.

Packaged in a Hygienic Container

In terms of packaging, Abidzar Food & Drink also does not rule it out. In order to maintain the quality of this mango ice until it reaches the customer’s hands, Abidzar Food & Drink uses a good bottle.

The mango ice is packed hygienically into bottles, then tightly closed. With well-maintained security, the quality of this mango ice will be maintained until it is opened by customers at home.

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