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For the sake of funds for dating, this boy is desperate to steal 2 cars and 13 motorbikes

For the sake of funds for dating, this boy is desperate to steal 2 cars and 13 motorbikes

Suara.com – When dating, of course, will always make their partner happy in various ways such as inviting them to eat, watching movies, or going out together. But sometimes for dating, there are some people who force to buy any partner to be happy.

This was done by a boy named Yash Kiran Solase. Reported from Punekarnewssmall residents of Talegaon Dabhade, Pune, India are desperate to become thief for the sake of dating.

Unmitigated, the items stolen were 13 motorcycle and 2 car. This action is done to take his girlfriend for a walk.

Local police have sniffed the action some time ago. However, they only take action when the evidence is gathered.

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The police team at that time intercepted a car suspected of being a Maruti 800 in the Transport Nagar Pimpti Chinchwad area. Police stops the driver. But the driver ran away like a fright.

Police officers from Nigdi police station then chased after him. The young man was caught. He failed to show the car ownership papers.

It turned out that the car used when the police stopped him was a stolen car. He had stolen the car seven days before being caught in the Nigdi area.

Youth willing to steal dozens of vehicles just for dating funds (Punemirror)

The Bocil was finally secured and handed over to custody by the court. He admitted that he had stolen as many as 13 motorcycles and 2 cars from various locations in Chinchwad Pimpri.

The proceeds from the theft were used to take his girlfriend for a walk. All evidence has also been seized by the police.

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So if you want to make your partner happy, don’t force it. It’s a shame that you have to go to a prison cell instead.


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