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Film Autobiography is the only Indonesian representative at the Venice Film Festival

Film Autobiography is the only Indonesian representative at the Venice Film Festival

The film produced by KawanKawan Media, produced by Yulia Evina Bhara Autobiography and directed by Makbul Mubarak, is the only Indonesian representative to compete at the 2022 Venice International Film Festival.

This film is the first feature-length film by director and screenwriter Makbul Mubarak. Starring among them Kevin Ardilova, Arswendy Bening Swara, Lukman Sardi, Yusuf Mahardika, Rukman Rosadi, Yudi Ahmad Tajudin, Haru Sandra, and the late. Gunawan Maryanto.

Film Autobiography competed in the Orrizonti (Horizons) program as the only film from Southeast Asia, alongside other films from Ukraine, Japan, Argentina, Italy, France, Iran and others. This year’s Orrizonti jury is led by veteran Spanish director Isabel Coixet.

Compete Autobiography in Venice as well as the world premiere of the film. The Venice international film festival will take place from 31 August to 10 September. At the festival, there will also be screens and competitions for the latest films from stars such as Cate Blanchett, Harry Styles, Sadie Sink, and Hugh Jackman.

Autobiography is a suspense thriller drama film that tells the story of Rakib (played by Kevin Ardilova) who works to guard an empty house belonging to a pensioner named Purna (played by Arswendy Bening Swara). One day, Purna returned home to run for regent in the area. The house that Rakib was guarding was no longer empty.

Every day, he accompanies Purna in many of his activities: campaigning, putting up banners, and so on. In the figure of Purna, Rakib saw the father figure he longed for. Until one day, an unexpected incident changed all that.

“To pass the selection to be screened at the oldest and best film event in the world is something that is very happy for us, because this is a sweet ending to a filmmaking process that has been going on for about four years. Venice International Film Festival is also a thrilling moment. Because this is the starting point for Autobiography to meet the audience and all my friends,” said director Makbul Mubarak in a press release received Indonesian MediaTuesday, (26/7).

He also added that he was proud that he had participated in the festival for a long time. Since he studied film. According to him, the festival is a place for world films to be published. Movies like La La Land, A Star is Born, Birdman, The Shape of Water,until Nomadland. The titles were selected to be screened in Venice and subsequently earned Oscar nominations. This year too many big films will be screened at the Venice Film Festival, both Hollywood films and from around the world.

“It is an infinite joy for us, the story that I originally wrote and directed as a personal story, can now be shown together with the world’s big films,” continued Makbul.

Producer Yulia Evina Bhara said the Autobiography film was helped by a lot of international cooperation. Starting from co-production between countries to funding.

“Moreover, co-production allows for creative collaboration and at the same time expands the distribution reach of the film,” he said.

Developed since 2017, film project Autobiography first presented at the Torino Film Lab 2017 and continued to be selected for the European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs Ties That Bind, Berlinale Co-production Market, Locarno Open Doors, Southeast Asian Fiction Lab-SEAFIC, FDCP Project market and First Cut Lab.

Autobiography became an Indonesian film in co-production with Singapore, Poland, the Philippines, Germany, France, and Qatar, after receiving support from France’s aide aux cinémas du monde CNC, France’s Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Fund, Germany’s World Cinema Fund, Thailand’s Purin Pictures, Polish Film Institute, Asean Co-Production Grant –ACOF Philippines, Tokyo Talents NEXT Master Program and Doha Film Institute.

From within the country, film Autobiography also received funding support from the Creative Economy Agency for the development and production stages. The distribution aspect is supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

The process of writing the script and preparing for the production of Autobiography took about four years. The shooting process took 41 days and the entire shooting took place in Bojonegoro, East Java. The majority of the crew and actors are Indonesian film workers. In addition, some of the crew also came from abroad such as Poland, Singapore, the Philippines, France, and Brazil.

“After Venice, Autobiography will be airing at several world festivals in the near future and will be airing in Indonesia soon. Wait for news via our social media @kawankawanmedia,” explained Yulia. (M-4)


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