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Merdeka.com – In his spare time, he naturally wants to relax, especially if there is no activity to be dependent on. Make the most of this time to calm yourself and your mind.

Let’s keep the spirit of living it, don’t forget to snack so that the body remains energized. One of them is by trying kemplang which has a different taste. Like what?

Not Just Any Crackers

For those who are familiar with kemplang, certainly no stranger to this snack that is often found in southern Sumatra. Kemplang is a type of cracker made from mackerel fish, then mixed with tapioca flour and various other spices as a seasoning.

After drying, usually this kemplang is fried as a snack in spare time. However, this kemplang itself can also be baked. Well, this different process is presented by Dapoer Tante Alan. So, suitable for those who don’t like oily snacks.

Use Real Belida Fish

┬ęSweet and Delicious/Dapoer Aunt Alan

The grilled kemplang made by Dapoer Tante Alan is made from real purchased fish as the main raw material. Choose a round shape with a savory taste and crunchy when bitten.

Interestingly, this baked kemplang made by Dapoer Tante Alan is delicious combined with the special chili paste. This makes the taste richer when eaten on the tongue. This spicy-sweet chili sauce has also been included in the baked kempang package sold by Dapoer Tante Alan.

Sold at an Affordable Price

Kemplang itself is very famous in Lampung, but through Dapoer Tante Alan, a resident Jakarta and its surroundings can now enjoy it, without going all the way to Lampung first.

In one package for 20 seeds complete with chili paste, this roasted kemplang can be purchased for only Rp. 30,000 from Dapoer Tante Alan. Consumers can order it easily from home through ManisdanSedap.com.

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