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Fares Increase Too High, Online Taxi Drivers Protest to Dishub South Sulawesi | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Online taxi drivers who are members of Gaspol have asked the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of South Sulawesi (Sulsel) through the transportation service to revise the rate increase. The new fare increase imposed is too high so that it can have an impact on the number of passengers.

The chairman of the South Sulawesi Online Driver Alliance Association, Syukur Aldhi, said his party would file an objection to the South Sulawesi Provincial Government. They asked to revise the tariff increase plan which is too high and disproportionate to the people’s ability.

“God willing, we are writing to the governor to review the fare. We are not only conveying the aspirations of online taxi drivers, but also the general public as consumers,” Syukur said in a written statement, Thursday (22/9).

Syukur explained that the current plan to increase the online taxi fare in South Sulawesi to Rp. 15,600 per kilometer. Whereas previously it was only Rp. 8,000, even though the price increased BBM currently only about 30 percent.

“If fares are expensive and passengers are drastically reduced, we are also sad. This should not be applied because it burdens consumers,” he explained.

Syukur hopes that their request for dialogue and review of online taxi fares will be well received by the provincial government. He hoped this matter could be discussed again.

Because the current figures are considered to be very burdensome for the community. Syukur said that since the discourse on increasing online taxi fares, his party has not yet opened a dialogue with the provincial government.

Public Policy Observer from Hasanuddin University (Unhas) MakassarAccording to Rizal Pauzi, the increase in online taxi fares in South Sulawesi is unreasonable.

According to him, clear studies and calculations are needed so that the tariff increase does not harm drivers, applicators, and the public.

“This is because the large tariff increase proposed by the South Sulawesi Transportation Agency reaches 100 percent. It must be a proportional figure. This fuel increase is in the range of 20 percent,” he said.

According to him, if there is an increase in goods and services that are affected by fuel, it should not be more than 20 percent. So that the increase in online transportation fares is only in the range of 10-15 percent.

Meanwhile, the Head of the South Sulawesi Transportation Agency, M Arafah, admitted that the increase in online taxi fares is still not final. He said there are still specific things that still need to be studied.

“It has been proposed, but there are more specific considerations by the leadership regarding the legal basis for the upper and lower limits. Don’t let it go up, people can’t buy it (reach it),” he said.

However, his party supports online taxi applicators to discuss fare increases with partners.

“We support fellow applicators so that there will be a meeting point (the amount of the tariff increase) later,” he said.



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