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FACT CHECK: It’s not true that German fighter jets shoot Indonesian jets | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – Circulating a video on Facebook stating that German fighter jets shot Indonesian war vehicles. This frightened all of NATO.

Post titled “All NATO Fears German Fighter Jets Shooting Down Indonesia” on 7 September 2022 it was aired more than 120,000 times and got more than 2 thousand likes from Facebook users.


Reporting from Cekfact.tempo.co, the claim that a German fighter jet shot an Indonesian jet is not true.

The video clip has been searched using Google Lens, Yandex Image Search and the Google search engine and found results from several other sources.

The first video was uploaded by 223 Film’s Youtube account on February 5, 2019 with the title “DR4 Three Ship Sortie”. In the description of the video it is written that the activity was a surprise attack on three ‘Camo Jet’ ships that occurred over the North Sea.

The second video also appears to be uploaded by the Youtube account Aeronautica Militare on November 16, 2016 with the title “Aeronautica Militare – ‘Pantere Nere’ del 155°Gruppo Volo decollano per l’ultima volta dal 50°Stormo.” Using Italian, the description in the video describes the closure of the Air Force Department.

This next video appears to have been uploaded by the онни ейдж account on May 31, 2014 with the title “Cy37”. This video contains the presentation of the fifth generation fighter SU – 37.

The last video was also uploaded by the YouTube account cribster123 with the title “Russian SU-37” on February 5, 2007. The video shows the action of the SU-37 aircraft while performing a very high maneuver.


The claim of a German fighter jet shooting down an Indonesian jet is a hoax. The videos contain collages or combinations of videos of military forces from different events.

Don’t be easy to believe and check every information you get. Make sure it comes from a trusted source, so it can be justified.


Aslamatur Rizqiyah Internship Reporter



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