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FACT CHECK: Hoax News of Serui Deputy Regent Dies | merdeka.com


Merdeka.com – A chain message circulated on WhatsApp which stated that the Deputy Regent of Serui, Frans Sanadi, had died at the Serui Hospital, Yapen Islands, Papua. The message at 22.07 was also accompanied by a photo of Frans Sanadi wearing white official clothes.


Reporting from kepyapenkab.go.id, the news that the Deputy Regent of Serui has died is false information.

The chairman of the Yapen DPRD, Yohanes G. Raubaba, denied the information and considered it irresponsible. According to him, on Monday, August 29, 2022, Deputy Regent Frans Sanadi just arrived using the KM Dobonsolo ship in Serui City with his wife Tina Sanadi and children.


“What is certain is that the information is a hoax and is not true. The public must be careful about receiving the news, if it can be checked first,” he said.

This statement is also supported by an article from Kabarpapua.co on August 29, 2022 entitled “The Return of Deputy Regent Frans Sanadi is Welcomed by Yapen Regional Officials”. The article tells that Frans Sanadi finally returned to the Yapen Islands after undergoing medical treatment at the Provita Jayapura Hospital.

Even so, he was immediately taken to the ICU of the Serui Regional General Hospital with the assistance of a special nurse. This is because upon arrival in Serui, the Vice Regent’s condition was feverish due to the lack of oxygen, which was allegedly influenced by the number of passengers on the ship.

Previously, Frans Sanadi had a severe headache, thought to be caused by high cholesterol and blood pressure. He had to undergo medical treatment for approximately 4 months, from April to August, at the Jayapura City Provita Hospital.


The news about the death of the Deputy Regent of Serui, Frans Sanadi is false information. Frans had returned to Serui City with his wife and child.

Don’t be easy to believe and check every information you get. Make sure it comes from a trusted source, so it can be justified.


Aslamatur Rizqiyah Internship Reporter



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