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Explaining the Farewell Problem from EVOS, LJ Says He’s Still a Talent

Explaining the Farewell Problem from EVOS, LJ Says He’s Still a Talent

Suara.com – Official account EVOS just shared a “Farewell & Thank You” poster for LJ and Antimage a while back. Explaining about Farewell from EVOS, LJ apparently revealed that they weren’t really officially separated.

Prior to this, the “farewell news” of two players (LJ and Antimage) was delivered by the official EVOS Instagram account and the team’s YouTube channel, EVOS TV. The “Farewell & Thank You” poster was also shared by EVOS’s social media accounts.

This is not the end of LJ and Antimage’s career. They will explore further to find their way in different places. Thank you LJ and Antimage for being part of EVOS Esportsgood luck to you and see you again in other arenas,” said the team’s official account.

One of the roamers Mobile Legends The tough guy confirmed that he won’t be playing for EVOS in MPL ID Season 10. Even so, he’s still part of EVOS for streaming as a talent.

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EVOS laundry? It’s not laundry. This is because of the new policy. If it’s fixed, it doesn’t play, I’ve already said it. I’m not playing, how about that, then yes, it’s announced. The farewell roster means they don’t play,” said LJ through his YouTube channel.

EVOS officially parted ways with Antimage and LJ. (YouTube/ EVOS TV)

The player whose real name is Joshua Darmansyah also revealed that the farewell announcement was not made suddenly and he had received a notification from the team.

Does that mean on their own? Yes, I’ve been notified guys. Already talking, not suddenly. That’s why I’m still a talent. For Farewell, there are two possibilities,” said LJ added.

EVOS LJ, Mobile Legends pro player from EVOS Esports.  (HiTekno.com)
EVOS LJ, Mobile Legends pro player from EVOS Esports. (HiTekno.com)

The two possibilities are “Farewell” leaving the team (getting a contract from another team) or “Farewell” not playing this season, but still a talent.

Two players, namely Antimage and LJ, were not part of the EVOS roster for professional competitions, so the team issued a new policy, namely Farewell.

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