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Evelin Nada Anjani Wears Cheap Clothes at Citayam Fashion Week: Cool doesn’t have to be expensive

Evelin Nada Anjani Wears Cheap Clothes at Citayam Fashion Week: Cool doesn’t have to be expensive

Suara.com – Evelin Nada Anjani participated in the Citayam Fashion Week (CFW). Not alone, Aming’s ex-wife was accompanied by DJ Shacho in a location that was becoming a phenomenon.

Even Evelin Nada Anjani did not want to appear normal. This tomboyish woman wore a pink kimono while walking on the sidewalk at the Citayam Fashion Week location, Dukuh Atas, Central Jakarta.

“It’s a simple concept, it’s not expensive,” said Evelin Nada Anjani when met in Dukuh Atas, Central Jakarta on Tuesday (26/7/2022).

Without feeling inferior, Evelin Nada Anjani revealed the price of the pink kimono she bought at the online shop. The expenditure of this woman, who was rumored to be close to Roy Kiyosh, did not reach millions of rupiah.

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“The price is Rp. 500,000. Even though it is cheap, it is good,” said Evelin Nada Anjani.

This female DJ believes that fashion doesn’t have to be expensive to look cool. As long as the user is comfortable, the clothes will look good.

“Cool doesn’t need to be expensive, the important thing is that it fits,” said this Japanese woman.

Evelin Nada Anjani gave an example, even if someone uses expensive branded goods, but he doesn’t feel comfortable and comfortable, it will look bad in the eyes of other people.

“Want to use a branded one but the one that doesn’t fit, still looks KW,” added Evelin Nada Anjani.

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The phenomenon of wearing clothes that don’t need to be luxury brands can be seen by Evelin Nada Anjani at Citayam Fashion Week. These teens are confident in their appearance.

Evelin Nada Anjani hopes that this phenomenon will continue to exist. Furthermore, it will give birth to new talents in the field of art.

“It’s really good and deserves appreciation. It is hoped that many artists will be born from here and become rich,” said Evelin Nada Anjani


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